DIY bracelet…or how to waste your time at night

This is the new bracelet I made. From time to time I get an inspiration and for most of the time, good thing come out of it 🙂

What you need for it is:

a big chain for the main part of the bracelet, a smaller chain(like for a necklace), 2 pendants( I chose a coin-like one and a heart-shaped one),a ribbon,  2 beads and a clasp.

Let the creating BEGINS! :

Like you can see on Photo 1, we apply the 

ribbon to the big chain(making sure that it is even on both sides) and start intertwine in(“braid” it) from the top and then pull it from the bottom, all the way to the end of the chain. When we are finished with the one side, we repeat the same thing to the other side.(Photo 2) After that we make a knot at the end. (Photo 3-4).

Then we attach the clasp (Photo 5) and the beads and pendants (Photo 6). The applying of the smaller chain is optional. (Photo 7). But if you decide to do it, just attach it to one of the ends of the bracelet and after that complete the look with attaching it to the other end. Now your bracelet is complete.
Create with smile 🙂

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