*DIY* braided bracelet

To make this bracelet you will need more time.

The things you need are: a string(mine is black), beads or pendants, a clasp.

So we divide the string into 6 even parts. We take 3 of them and start braiding. (to make it easier for me to “braid” I put the string on a clip). So the right string will be number one, the middle -2 and the left-3. We take 1, go around one of your fingers, then press it with your thumb. Now go with 1 under 2 and above 3. Don’t pull yet. Take 3, go above 2, under 1(where you made a hoop around your finger) and now pull both sides. Good, now you have a knot. Continue like that until you make 1/3 of the bracelet, now attach one of the pendants/beads. Again braiding till you make 2/3 of it-again attach pendant/bead. Before you finish with the braiding attach another pendant/bead. Now make a knot and leave it aside. Take the other 3 parts of the string and do the exact same braiding you just did. The only difference is that this time we attach pendants/beads only two times. When we have the two little bracelets we twist them together to make a one bracelet. Make knots on both sides and attach the clasp.

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