*DIY* earrings from beads

   I think that every girl have at least one pair of earrings at home.Well, I have like a hundred 😀 This is my mania. I have different kinds of earrings, but I always find an inspiration to make more. Once my mom told me that if we are broke one day, we will sell all of my jewelry and be millionaires. I said to her, that we would rather be pretty with my jewelry and starve to death than to sell them. Of course this is a joke, but one never knows. 

  Now let me tell you about 2 of my favourite pairs of earrings. 

  This earrings I made from green beads and clip(paper-clam). I took the clip and with scissors I made it straight. Then I made a very small hoop again with the help of the scissors. This hoops helps the beads not to fall from the clip when you thread them. After the beads were on the clip I made another small hoop on the other side so they can stay in place. Than I applied the hooks to the hoop. And this is the way I made this green earrings.




  I got inspired about the purple ones you see on the left from a woman that sells jewelry on the main street in my home town. The ones she had there were with more beads and more knots. I prefer a more simple design. I bought these hooks for earrings. Then I bought the beads and the string. The rest is just figment. I also made a necklace to match the earrings. 





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