*DIY* ribbon ring

When I saw Jessie J with a two finger ring I wanted to have one for my self so badly!!!

I couldn’t find such in the city I am living in, or the ones I found were too big for me… or to be honest, I just didn’t like them. So, I decided to make one for myself. I went to a jewellery store, where they sell beads, strings and anything you need to make a jewellery. I saw a necklace with a ribbon. I really liked it so I took it. Then I found a base for rings(you know the thing you put on your finger 🙂 ). >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I bought two of those. After that I just glued them to the ribbon. 

I hope I helped everyone that wants a two finger ring, but cannot like one. Just go and do it yourself. 😉 









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