Golden Gate Bridge – A dream that came true

  When we visited San Francisco, we didn’t know much about the city. Our tour guide, who have lived in the city for more than 10 years, show us around. We were fascinated. Without a doubt this is a place that everyone should visit. But I’ll share more about the city in another post.

  Our dream was to see the Golden Gate Bridge! 

  We parked in some kind of a neighborhood near the famous bridge. As we walked up to it, we had no idea what we were about to see.  And there it was- THE BRIDGE! It was so big, long,RED…We didn’t think that we can be so amazed by thing like this.(Although, I kind of like bridges…can’t explain it, just like them 😀 )

  As we were walking on(!) it, we were with tears in our eyes. The feeling when you know that you fulfilled a dream is priceless. The bridge was so crowded. The sidewalk was separated by a white line. The right one was for people without bicycles and the left was for those with a bike. When we reached the first tower, we found a phone for emergency calls with a sign on it – “There is still hope”. From this place we could see Alcatraz. Later we came back again on the bridge, but this time we drove. After that we went on Berkeley’s side of the bridge. The first time I saw Golden Gate was in the movie “Boys and Girls”…now I was where Freddie Prince Jr was standing. I wish everybody’s dreams come ours did. :)))


   IMG_2023 IMG_2056 IMG_2058 IMG_2170IMG_2061 IMG_2164 IMG_2099


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