Lake Tahoe – on the border of two states

Although I feel a bit skeptical about the Zodiac, perhaps as one water sign, I feel strangely good around water. When they mentioned lake Tahoe to me I was feeling enthusiastic already and ready for action. The road from San Francisco to the lake was about 3 hours, but it seemed less to me. You know that strange innocent excitement, which overwhelms you when you are about to do or see something that you have always wanted. That was how I felt at this moment. First, in order to further tease our curiosity, we circled around the lake with the car. That way we were able to stop to a few places and see the lake from different angles. As I got out of the car, first I had to get a hold of myself from the trip because you know how cramped your legs feel after sitting in one position in the car. Pacing in circles, something caught my attention. Something among the trees there was flashing. And I, like other women, love shiny things, so I went immediately to the place. An incredible view appeared before my eyes. The lake was so vast,that without turning left or right, there was no way you could see it. As far as my eyes could see there was water. Indescribable beauty.

  IMG_2271 IMG_2262 IMG_2285

At one of the places where we stopped, there was a little beach at the beginning of which there were tables and barbecue grills. Further down there were benches, and finally the fine white sand. The water looked like as if drawn by an artist. A great play of colors with delightful shades of blue cleverly managed to show us the different depths of the lake. Green mountains could be seen in the distance.

 IMG_2292 IMG_2300 IMG_2301

Our third stop was by Emerald Bay. It was so cold there that we were obligated to put our coats on. From the place we were standing, we could see the tops of the mountains, the water so far away under our feet and a Castle – The Vikingsholm Castle. It is accessible by car, but there is a path that can take you there, if you want to. The colour of the water in the bay, as you might thought, was emerald.

Besides the beauty of the lake, what also made us a strong impression was that the lake itself is located on the border between two states – California and Nevada. The second as you may know is famous with its casinos and legal gambling. Whereas in the first gambling is forbidden. The street which separated them was nothing special. From its Californian side could be seen roadside restaurants, nestled cozy motels and from the sidewalk on the side of Nevada rose tall luxury hotels with numerous casinos underneath. The funny thing is that is that if you even take one step away from the Nevada sign with alcohol in hand, it could cost you a fine. We thought to “try” the law, but did not want to spend our last two days in the USA in jail.

 IMG_2314 IMG_2307

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  1. Tone says:

    Great pictures of the lake. I haven’t been there in quite some time myself, now I am thinking I should sometime this summer. 🙂

    1. Mons says:

      Thank you,
      You should definitely visit it during the summer, you will love it. 🙂

  2. Mons says:

    Reblogged this on world around us and commented:

    More amazing pics from this beautiful place 🙂

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