Montauk, NY <3

When we arrived in Montauk, we were stunned. When the train approached the station, the only things we could see were trees. The fear on our faces was obvious, my mind screamed – run! Going down to the station, we found that we were in the middle of nowhere – literally. Fortunately , there were taxis at the station. This was our first meeting with Garfield (no, not the cat from the animation, but a taxi driver , to whose services we would often depend on ). He took us to the address where our housing was . The house was great. Wooden facade, a beautiful small front lawn and fabulous backyard. Our room was not large, considering that four of us would sleep there, but it was cozy. The best part, however, was a wonderful dog, although I’m not a big fan of dogs in general ( I prefer cats), I have learned to love this one .


The neighborhood that we lived in was near the docks. To our great happiness residents of this neighborhood had a private beach. Of course we didn’t wait long to visit it. The weather was not warm enough for the beach, so with one Martini bottle, a few cups and a packet of sweets we headed there. Wooden path led us to the beach. It was afternoon, the sun was getting ready for the sunset, but we had a little time to enjoy the last rays. We cool our beverage in the icy ocean waters, poured it into the cups and sat on the stairs staring at the vast sea , which reflected the sun in the most beautiful way.

snimki 299  Photo-0424 snimki 336

Since the center of town was quite far from our house (how we knew that? Well, by walking to our house with bags full of food and drinks from there … 1 hour, the fog did not make the situation more funnier), we decided to walk around the neighborhood . Houses , small yards, perfectly cut grass, cars parked neatly in front on the driveways … idyll. Our tour, led us to a huge mansion(that looked so much like the Grayson mansion! Revenge fans here? The film is shot in another state, but the plot is set to be in Montauk(which is part of the Hamptons),soooo who knows 🙂 ), along it, the road was no longer paved. We decided to see where it will take us. Apparently there were homes nestled somewhere secretly midst trees and bushes, and only their mailboxes actually revealed that they were there. The end was near.We were, already walking on a wooden path that led us to a beach. This beach was inhabited only here and there we could see people on boats in the distance. Few hours of walking and exploring and we were amazed by the beauty of the beach.

Image ImageIMG_5808 snimki 079

Montauk is a small town, of course, if you count all of its districts it might be bigger than Plovdiv, but so far from the center, they created the illusion that the city is really small. There are a post office, a supermarket, two liquor stores, several shops for clothes, few restaurants, the famous tower of Montauk and  hotels along the beach. What impressed me was Memory Motel (Interesting fact– The Rolling Stones’s song Memory Motel is said to be inspired by this very motel), which was supposed to be a motel, but at night its parking becomes a bar. I don’t know how exactly people can rest there. The beach was miles long. White sand and big waves. We would hitchhike, when we happened to miss the bus. In the beginning, we were very scared, but when we realized that all students during the summer travel that way, we were no longer afraid.

snimki 165 snimki 166Photo-0476 

To be completely honest, we will admit that in the beginning we hated Montauk. The first month was really foggy, bleak, everything seemed so far … But the days passed, we started to love the place so much. Words are not enough to describe how much we miss this little town and how much we hope someday to return there.To drink Martini  there on the wooden steps on the beach,to lie again in the hammock in the yard, to hitchhike and meet new people everyday, to drink jugs of beer in the bar on the docks, to wait for the train that every weekend used to take us to new places and most of all that the city was close to our big love – The Big Apple.

IMG_5826snimki 215

Have you been in Montauk? Or, have you visited the Hamptons? Leave your feedback, stories and thoughts in the comments below! 🙂

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  1. cynthia says:

    great picture of General!

    1. Mons says:

      I really miss her!

  2. Mons says:

    Reblogged this on world around us and commented:

    more pictures from the lovely Montauk, NY ❤

  3. ckdubb says:

    Glad you learned to love it. Maybe I’ll visit one day. Thanks for liking my post.

    1. Mons says:

      You’re welcome and you should definitely visit it 🙂

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