What is scarier?


What is scarier a spider, a spider web with a spider in it or a spider web without a spider?

If it is just a spider (and I say that bravely, given the fact that I have Arachnophobia. Yeah, yeah..I know – breathe,breathe,breathe..) at least you see it. So, now it is time to act, either run and ask someone to remove the intruder or remove it by yourself( hahah…this have never happened to me, nor it will ever happen).

If it is the spider in the spider web, it is a win-win. Remove, or again ask somebody else to remove it! When I say remove it I mean really, cause my mom do that…well if it is a small one and non-poisonous of course, she just take it and leave it outside the house!

But in case number three, you have a spider web without a spider. (oh, no…shit just got real!). Now, the question is- WHERE IS THE SPIDER! Answer- it can be anywhere! Scary?
What to do-take your stuff and move to another house! Hope to not see empty spider webs there!


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