My first date with New York City (part 1)

The day I first met New York City, will always remain in my mind. Memories, that every time make my heart skip a beat and I stop breathing for a second. Nostalgia! How can I miss a city so much?


At 1.00 am, me and my cousin, took the train from Montauk to the City that never sleeps. We were so excited to spend the whole day there. Although, we were there once before(but does it count for a visit, if you only slept one night at the airport – JFK ftw and once on a bus to Buffalo, that took us from China Town? ). We did not want to carry a lot of stuff with us, because we were planning to walk all day(oh, how silly were we). But, it was sooo cold in the train(what was that about?), that I myself was wearing a top, a T-shirt , blouse, sweater and  I was still cold. Not to mention that I was wearing socks with my sandals…Bad clothing day for me… Of, course we didn’t know that we had to switch trains, so it was a good thing we were not a sleep at that exact moment. We tried to sleep for a bit in the second train, but knowing that NYC was so near to us, just kept us awake. Awake and excited. We couldn’t believe that the city we have seen in so many movies, was there waiting for us. Many scenes from Sex and the City, Home Alone 2 and many more appeared in my head.

Finally we heard that the next stop was Penn Station(or as my roommate used to call it – Freak Station(no explanation needed, for she spent all night there, alone!)) and to watch the gap as we leave the train. We got coffees and croissants from Starbucks(luckily it was open at this time of the day- around 4.45 am). We took our overcoats off and with big smiles step on the moving stairway that took us to our dream. With every movement  of the escalator we could see more and more. The soft morning sunlight, the heavy humid air and the clamour- we were finally there!

Image ImageImage IMG_7070

Hotel Pennsylvania was standing stately in front of us, Macy’s could be seen around the corner, too many yellow taxis and hot dog seller were before us. I took my map(as Joey in Friends, only I didn’t step in it), and we were headed to our first stop-the stairways in front of Carrie Bradshoe house! At this point everything was interesting for us – a flower seller, balcony with lots of flowers, buses, the tall buildings and their tops, that we could not see.. The sun was raising more and more, when we were already there. Where Sarah Jessica Parker’s character was going down the stairs, the window from which she looked(ok, I know the actress wasn’t actually there, but who cares).

Stop number two, was the building from the TV series – Friends. I am honestly a Friends maniac! So, seeing the building, I see in every episode, with my own eyes, was exhilarating. Honestly I wished there was a Central Perk coffee house there…but still we were in NYC!!!

Image ImageImage IMG_7248 IMG_7254 IMG_7287

We kept moving to the ferryboat to the Statue of Liberty. The waterside street we were walking on, was absolutely amazing. So many parks, playgrounds, people jogging and exercising, and of course the famous Jersey City on the other side of the river. We sat down and look at it, we could see the sun illuminating the buildings across the water and with Manhattan behind us – we were in heaven! Time was ticking away, so we hurried to the ferry, where the guy checking us for bombs and stuff, told us he knew where Bulgaria was(shocking, given the fact that I was asked a lot of times during the summer questions like- Is it in Asia/Africa? Is that a city? Is it a state? Do you have tomatoes/internet(yes we have, but why a lot of your videos are not available in my country, is still a mystery to me) there?) and he knew Stoichkov and Berbatov(Bulgarian football players).The ferry was very boring, I felt a little sick and we saw a fog “attacking” the city, so we got worried. However, the Statue of Liberty, was of no interest to us. It was small, dirty, rusty and above all – disappointing! We took pictures to remember, that not everything you see on TV is the same in real life, and caught the next one back. The fog was lifting and we were ready for more adventures in the Big Apple!!!





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