My first date with New York City (part 2)

After the disappointing visit to the Statue of Liberty, we headed to Brooklyn Bridge. As I said in an earlier post, I have a strange love towards bridges, so this was very pleasing for me. The path on the bridge was divided by a white line and everybody was walking on the right half. I, of course, decided this was stupid and moved to the left, laughing at the “herd” of people walking slowly and annoyed beside me. As I was distracted with my cleverness, I didn’t see a biker who was coming straight at me shouting- Bike lane, bike lane, bike lane- showing me a picture of a bike on the left half of the bridge. Ashamed I went back in the crowd.

Image Image

Exhausted, we reached Brooklyn. Far, across the water was Manhattan. Only seeing the distance, made my legs hurt even more painfully. This was the moment when we decided to take the subway. Moving, what felt more like sandbags than legs, we went 3 floors down the stairs to the subway station. It was, dark, dirty, moist, smelly…and scary for two girls.

Soon we were back in heaven. Broadway, was as breathtaking as Aleko Konstantinov wrote in his travel notes. Although it was way overcrowded, it was just as I imagined it. Stores from both sides of the street, coffee shops, restaurants and the sun made all that look even more shiny than it was. We were in the middle of the concrete jungle and it was time to conquer Empire State Building.

Image IMG_7362Image Image

The building was statuesque in all its steel beauty, As we were ascending in the elevator, we watched the number of the floors changing so fast, that in less than two minutes we were 80 floors above the ground. For a person with fear of heights, I got to say this view was astonishing. The way the whole city is arranged as if made from Lego. It is amazing how all this was man made. We waited a little while for Chuck Bass(Gossip Girl fans?), but unfortunately Blair had already stolen him. Overwhelmed by all we saw before our eyes, we walked around to see the city from every angle. The World Trade Center, Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, Jersey city… and there it was, my love- Central Park!

Image ImageImage IMG_7395 IMG_7458 IMG_7677

Central Park is one of my favourite places on Earth. It is like an oasis among all tall buildings. It is in the heart of the city, but at the same time away from the noise. Perfectly trimmed bushes, jogging people, beautiful fountains… But unfortunately, we didn’t have time to explore it, as our train was waiting for us. (Of course the rain made everything even funnier.) But don’t feel sorry for us, we came back! 🙂

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