Central Park – My true love



It was 4.30 am when we arrived at Penn Station. We had coffee in Starbucks and when it was no longer dark outside, we were ready for a day full of adventures. The morning was a little chilly, but we could still feel the heaviness of the air. The sunlight was trying to make its way trough the buildings. Today, we were not in a hurry. Our plans included Rockefeller Center, Central Park, The Museum of Natural History, Madam Tussaud’s museum and just to have fun all day.

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In front of the Rockefeller Center there were beautiful flowers and trees. The golden statue was glowing. We tried to find our country’s flag, but unfortunately we could not. Because we didn’t know, we can go to the top of the building, we went straight to the park.

Image IMG_7496 Image Image

The park was beautiful. Trees, branches, flowers..everything was perfectly cut and arranged. The big alleys for bikers and jogging people were marked,as if to show the direction you should follow. Well, we (of course) didn’t see that. So, we were walking towards running people, who looked at us a little annoyed. Or, may be it was the fact that we were not only walking in the wrong direction, but eating chocolate donuts and feeling happy about it. We found swings and stopped for a while to embrace our childhood. I still can remember how different was the air in the park. So fresh. Another good thing were the maps of the park. Thanks to them, we saw where everything we wanted to see was.

Our second stop was the Bethesda Fountain (or as we called it – the big fountain). Since, it was early in the morning, it wasn’t very crowded. The red tiles, the sound of the water, the way the sun illuminated on the water surface..I can picture it my head as if I am there now. After picture time, my cousin made a video clip of me running like Phoebe(F.R.I.E.N.D.S. maniac, remember). We saw the baseball fields and the little rainbows formed by sunbeams “crashing” into the water from the lawn-sprinklers, the beautiful Belvedere castle,standing in such a contrast with the building seen far behind it, the big water reservoir,  so big, we didn’t have strength to walk around it. We made our way through smaller fountains, beautiful old bridges, interesting sculptures and statues, small meandering paths, till we found the restaurant with the boats. I think every fan of The sex and the city, will remember this place,where Carrie and Big fell into the water. For a moment there, I thought of pushing my cousin in, but I thought she would not like that.

Image ImageImage IMG_7556

Finally, we stopped at a little pond called conservatory water. Little boats operated with remote controls, children running and laughing, the lovely boathouse on the other side, all this was so perfectly well, that we didn’t want to leave. We took pictures with Hans Christian Andersen’s statue and the one from Alice in Wonderland and headed to the nearest bank. We didn’t have enough cash so we took our last paychecks. Our boss told us we don’t need passports and our picture IDs will be just fine. Well, may be if we were residents of the USA that might have been true. Five banks and none wanted to cash our checks. I remember in one of them the manager felt so sorry for us, that wanted to give us money…

Image ImageImage IMG_7639


Here you can find more about, what it felt like to be in In New York With No Money.

Since, we had to wait a few hours, for the train to Montauk , we came back to the park, bought Oreo ice-creams with our last money, and after that we fell asleep on the benches.

IMG_7530 IMG_7559 IMG_7564 IMG_7659


Have you been in Central Park?

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