*DIY* or how to organize your jewelry – earring holder

Today I’ll show you how I organize my jewelry, and especially my earrings. Since, I have way too much earrings it is hard to find space for them. I keep some pairs in boxes, but unfortunately I don’t have enough boxes.. I know, I know.. a girl with a serious problem!

The big ones I hang on a thing I made from a lace table-clothe. I cut it, then I “hammered” 3-4 nails on one side of my wardrobe. After that I just simply hanged all of them in the way I like to see them.

Image Image

More challenging was the one for my smaller earrings. Let me show in pictures what I did.

Picture 1
On this picture you can see what kind of a box I used, and how I attached the parts.

Picture 2
Here you see what I needed for the job – a box, scissors, pencil and an awl(any sharp thing might do the job). Of course I needed my earrings 🙂 First, I marked with the pencil where my earrings will be(TIP-take time to measure how much space you’ll need between each one). Then I made holes with the awl, but not to big, because otherwise the earrings won’t stay attached. And finally I put my precious things on. 🙂
Picture 3
This is what it should look like in the end. 🙂 I use the space behind the earrings for storing some of my rings(also it balance the whole thing).


I hope you like my “inventions”. I would love to hear from you. Remember – create with smile 🙂

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