Niagara Falls – The Water Heaven on Earth


After a night of white wine and a lot of dancing in the hotel room it was really hard to get up in the morning. Our tour guide woke us up. For less than five minutes we were ready in the bus. Today our trip took us from Buffalo to Niagara Falls. It was around 10.30 am and we were sleepy, hungry, thirsty for coffee and a little annoyed. When we arrived at our destination, we had to watch a movie. It was something about the falls, but I don’t remember the whole thing, because as I said I just wanted to sleep.


After that we went to see the water miracle. With every step, I could here the sound of the water. It was a powerful noise. I’ve seen it in movies, but never imagined it would be so majestic. A few more steps and we reached the parapet. And there it was, the falls!I was suddenly awake, and fully aware that this day will remain in my memory forever! I can use words like – powerful, astonishing, beautiful, amazing, unrealistic… but they won’t be enough to explain how fascinating it was. The water was falling heavily, as if pushed by an invisible power. And then it was crashing in to the rocks beneath, and forming million little drops. The drops, on their part, were bouncing of the rocks, “dancing” in the air and together with the soft sunbeams were forming little rainbows, before landing on the water surface.

Image Image

Image Image


We put raincoats and got on a boat. It took us, as close as possible to the incredible falls. We were like ants before the giant water monster. Sea-gulls were making their way through the foam formed at the bottom of the waterfalls. The water drops were “punishing” us with their power and soon we were all wet. This was the best waking I’ve ever had! Before us was the Niagara falls, on one side was the USA and behind us was Canada-we were on the border of two countries(but what a border!).

Image Image


The boat took us to the other part of Niagara Falls – The Horse Shoe. The water was so clear, I think I’ve never seen more beautiful nuance of the blue. This part was perfectly rounded. Without a doubt Mother Nature is an amazing architect!

Image Image

Before we took of we had some free time. My cousin and I, took some coffee and sat on a bench in the lovely green park, watching the waterfalls. It was one of the best mornings in my entire life. Even the 8 hour trip back to New York and the 4 hour train ride to Montauk after that, didn’t crush my spirit. I can still draw a picture of it in my mind. And it is so alive, that I can hear the noise of the water, the clamour, the singing of the birds. I can still perfectly see the sun illuminating on the water. I can feel the warmth of the sun and the water drops on my face, the humid air and the good feeling. A feeling of relax and piece.

Image ImageImage Image

Image Image

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