Trip to Thousand Islands

We took the train at 1.30 am from Montauk. When we arrived at Jamaica station(NY) it was still dark outside, so we waited for a while. When morning came, we went to catch a bus to Flushing(Queens,NY). I remember we were a little stressed, because we were alone and we didn’t know where to go. We politely asked the bus driver where to get off. There we waited for the bus which was going to take us to Thousand Islands and Niagara Falls. A woman shouting in Chinese stopped in front of us. When she saw how confused we were, she asked us in English, if we were here for the trip. We followed her to a bus, that took us to China Town(NY). This was the first time we saw Manhattan in the daylight, but from the far. China town was very colourful. I have never seen so many red lanterns in one place. The actual bus for the excursion was waiting for us. We sat on the last seats before the toilet(at one point, the smell there wasn’t very pleasant, if you know what I mean), and started to get excited.

IMG_5915 IMG_5930

IMG_5944 IMG_5957


Almost 8 hours later, we arrived at our destination. It was time to take the ferry. The tour around the Thousand Islands archipelago was absolutely amazing. There were so many islands and each one was more fascinated in a different way, than the other ones. We saw small rocky islands with only trees, and ones with  small cozy houses. There was one with a very small wooden lodge with only two lawn chairs in front(there was no more space.The place where the end of the chair was, was the end of the island). Bigger ones with larger houses, with nice porches and flower gardens, could be seen. Almost each one had the flag of its country.

Also, we saw islands connected with bridges, some of them wooden other not, but all of them with beautiful ornaments, showing that every little detail matters in the big picture. There was one in particular formed by two smaller ones with a bridge between them. On one side of the bridge there was the flag of Canada and on the other side the USA flag(does that means, that I was in Canada?). At one point, the tour guide said to take our cameras and go to the left side of the boat. She insisted to take picture fast, because we were above the border of the two countries. Of course, she was making a joke about the pictures. How silly were we. It was just water, of course we couldn’t see a border in the water. At least, we had a good laugh.

There in the Saint Lawrence river, were also big islands. They had big beautifully painted houses, huge aristocratic mansions and even castles, with big lawns in front.Many of them had lighthouses on their perimeter. There were yachts and boats waiting quietly for their owners and were staggering in tact with the movement of the water. The day was great. A lot of laughter, good sights and lot of fun. Here are some pictures of this journey:

IMG_6003 IMG_6033 IMG_6035 IMG_6036 IMG_6041 IMG_6047 IMG_6051 IMG_6055 IMG_6076 IMG_6092 IMG_6099 IMG_6100

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