Vacation in Montana(no…not the state…)

Montana is a town in north Bulgaria. I don’t know much of its history, but I’m sure it is as interesting as the town itself. The best thing, without a doubt, is one of my friends, that was born there. Due to this fact, I was privileged to visit the city more then once.


The town has a lovely main street, with nice cafes, restaurants and clubs. There is a big fountain in the center, with a monument in its end. A beautiful park is just a few steps of it, where you can just sit and enjoy everything around you. We visited also another park there. It was bigger than the first one. It had a reservoir, a lot of benches and a playground. You can jog or just sit and relax there. The town can offer you peace during the day and entertainment at night. I distinctly remember one night, when we went out. We were in a cafe sitting outside. A light breeze was cooling off the heavy summer air. The tasty cold drinks made us a little dizzy and even the falling water from the big beautiful fountain nearby, sounded like a magic melody.

Montana has an old fortress nearby. We wanted to walk there, but unfortunately it was so hot, that we took a cab. The ruins held so much history in them, that only walking by them, we could feel the past whispering. The whole town could be seen from there. We were so fascinated by it, that we wanted more. My friend took us to a monument. At first I thought it was nothing interesting. A lot of steps and just an old rock on top. But, when we reached it, we were speechless. From there we could see a big reservoir. The sun light was glimmering on the water surface. It was a late afternoon and the sun was already starting to go down.



During my second visit there, we decided to go swimming. There was a nice complex with two swimming pools. The water was warm, the breeze was soft and the beers were cold. We were basking in the sun, drinking our favourite drink, listening good music, with the pool behind us and the big reservoir before us. So what more can I tell you…I am waiting for another invitation. 🙂



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