Plovdiv and its rowing channel (regatta venue)


There is one place in my home town Plovdiv, that I can never get bored with. It is part from the Plovdiv Sports Complex, which according to Wikipedia is the biggest in Eastern Europe. Some call it regatta venue, others rowing channel/base, I myself call it a place for relaxation. The channel itself is used for rowing. You can see rowers practicing during the day.

Image Image


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I, don’t go there to row. I go there for just a walk, when I need to wander without a direction, just contemplating the water. There are a lot of benches around the base, so sitting and relaxing is the best you can do there. But, it is also a place for sports. Except the obvious one – the rowing, people can ride  bikes, jog or even skate(roller-skate). If you feel too lazy to walk to the nearest bench, there are cafes where you can calmly drink you beer(and again, watching the water!). But, don’t get fooled. It is not so quiet all the time. On weekends, especially mornings and late afternoons you might not even find a place to walk.

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Trees surround the channel, so there is always a shady place to sit. The bridge in the middle, helps you to do the mini “tour”. Also if you’ve heard about the bridge in Paris, where people put padlocks with theirs and their beloved names, you can see a smaller version of that here. Some people say that if the wind is stronger, the bridge starts to swing slightly. And if you get bored with the rowing base, Maritza river is just a few steps of you. Just take the small path and let it show you its way. Unfortunately, the zoo is closed for an indefinite time. You can just walk around it and see the sad eyes of the animals inside, which are just crying for attention.

Image ImageImage Image


If it is cold enough during the winter, the water freezes and it looks like a place for ice-skating, but be careful, the ice is more thinner than you think. I’ve noticed that early in the morning (especially in the summer) people go there to jog or ride a bike, this is the time of the day when you’ll see a lot of people engaged in sport. And at night it is the quietest place I’ve seen. But the “dancing” light, from the lamps, in the water, is so enchanting, that you can just stay there forever.

Image Image

So what, do you think about this little heaven in my home town? I just love it. 🙂




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