First time in Turkey

I’ve always liked the saying that we should focus on the journey, not the destination. But, does 13 hours in a bus to Marmaris, count as a journey? Sure, we could see part of Turkey(from the bus). Mostly trees, open country and even some towns(the names of which we did not understand) we passed through. And, yes, it was a fun trip. We laughed a lot and made the time in the small bus bearable.

Shortly after we crossed the border with Turkey, we had to take ferry. It was a big one, considering it could hold a lot of people, several busses and had 3 levels. Although I felt a little sick (seasickness, that I usually don’t have), I found a way to enjoy the view.


Hours later we were in Ayvalik. The hotel was good, and our room was with a great view. We were very tired, so we had dinner and headed to our rooms. But, before we went to bed, we spent a few hours, drinking beer on the terrace and having fun.


The next day we were ready to go to Marmaris. The hotel there was absolutely amazing. The weather was hot. I remember getting off the bus and already sweating. We spent the rest of the day exploring the town. It was overfilled with hotels and with tourists, even though it was still May. The main street was packed with shops on both sides, and the salesmen were calling us from the street. Some of them even talked in (not so good) Bulgarian, as if they knew we were from there. The big palm-trees made everything around look even more exotic. After our shopping tour, we went to see the beach. Although, the sand wasn’t very good(it wasn’t fine, it was like made of little shingles), and the water was veeeeery cold and we were freezing, we liked the view. We took a walk on the street along the beach. This night we had a lot of fun. After dinner we went downstairs, where there was some kind of a party. We danced on a stage repeating the movements of some guy. But, this was not enough. We finished the night at a club, dancing and even listening to Bulgarian music. The club closed at 2 am, but we continued in our rooms.



The next day we were a little tired, but ready to explore more. We spent a day on a yacht and the last day we went to Pamukkale and Cleopatra’s pool. But, I’ll tell you about that in another post.

I hope you liked my story so far, and I’ll be waiting for your feedback.

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