Pamukkale and Cleopatra’s Pool

It was our last day in Turkey and we went to see Pamukkale. The bus took us there, and we had lunch first. After that we went through some kind of a security system. We continued walking on a narrow path. Along it, there were remains of an old town, I think the name was Hierapolis, but I might be mistaken. I have to admit that I did not hear much about it. I was too excited about seeing Pamukkale and wasn’t very interested in the story, but now I regret my poor choice.

Pamykkale (65) Pamykkale (67) Pamykkale (75) Pamykkale (68)


Finally we were there. At the end of the path, started the white miracle. We took off our shoes and step on the solid ground. It was a little slippery, and we had to keep our balance. The weather was hot and the sun was scorching. The place was overcrowded, but we managed to see everything. We saw the sign that swimming is forbidden, and were a little disappointed. The little pools were so appealing, that I was ready to break the rules and be bad, with no care about the consequences. And there I was. One more step and I would be in one of them. A big smile on my face. I took another step and finally reached it. I went in for a dip in the little pool, but as soon as my foot reached the rocky ground I stopped. Oh no, I did not expect that. I was walking, as there were bombs on the bottom. I tried almost every pool, with hope that at least one will have a smooth bottom. Fortunately the water temperature was pleasant.

We walked on the narrow paths, and were delighted by everything we saw. The small pools, the little cascades, and the amazing view. We were high up and beneath us were more little pools, and at the end a town nestling in the valley. We absolutely loved the streams, that were so hot and powerful, we just sat and put our feet in them. As I sit on the white ground, with the hot water trying to push my feet away, I looked at the whiteness around and was very happy and satisfied, that I had the opportunity to see it.

Pamykkale (6) Pamykkale (91) Pamykkale (85) Pamykkale (52)

After we finished our visit to the “cotton castle”, we headed to see Cleopatra’s pool.  The bottom of this one seemed also a little rocky, but we didn’t go in it, because we didn’t have much time left. It had bigger rocks inside and had places from where hot water was running. According to our tour guide this pool have been like a SPA center for many years. The hot water cure people with some diseases( I don’t remember which). Around the pool, there were amazing gardens, with big palm-trees and different flowers. I was fascinated. It felt like in a dream and this was the fairy land. A light breeze stirred rhythmically the leaves in a lovely way. I was under the spell of this beautiful place, which was filled with history and bewitched at the same time.


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