Hello, Paris…nice to meet you (part 1)

Back in 2009, I fulfilled one of my dreams. I visited Paris. I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower, since I was 11 years old. I saw the movie Amélie (“Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain”), and I was inlove with this city.

My first visit there, was in the late autumn. We arrived in the morning, and we took a tour with the bus around the city. We saw the industrial neighbourhood in the distance, the beautiful and huge library on the other side of the river and all of the city’s lovely bridges. From one of them I managed to take a picture of the river itself and the little fine boats, that were “resting” calmly there. I was fascinated from all the buildings around us. They were not small ones, neither were they skyscrapers. Their architecture was so different, than the ones in my home country. History and aristocratism “exhaled” from them. Although, I thought the absence of  big terraces and balconies was a little weird. You, know what I’m talking about, the place when you can sit outside, and still be in your apartment. Where you can just sit and relax and drink a cold beer, while enjoy the view.

V Parij (12) V Parij (13)   V Parij (26) V Parij (29)

We drove by a huge building, that looked like a palace, but I am not sure what it was exactly. The Ferris wheel was so big and appealing, and I wanted so badly to, you know, “take a ride” on it, but unfortunately, there was no time for it. Well, I’m glad that at least I saw it. A beautiful and breath-taking fountain, draw my attention. Every little ornament was so unique, that weeks later I zoomed the picture(a lot) and explored every millimeter of it.  Next to it was a monument, I think it is called an obelisk. And there it was, behind it, in the distance-the mighty Eiffel Tower. Oh, did my eyes fill with tears? They sure did. This was without a doubt, a dear diary moment(Chandler’s words 🙂 ).

Paris.. (1) V Parij (35) V Parij (40) V Parij (41)

Finally, we stepped on the Parisian ground and had some alone time. First, we went to see the Louvre. It was sooooooo big, that we could not believe our eyes. The glass pyramid outside, cleverly illuminated the water around it. But, the most incredible part was inside. All this pictures and so little time. There’s a saying, that if you spend 1 minute on each painting, your life won’t be enough to explore the whole place. I walked on the shiny polished floor and was so happy that I was lucky enough to be there, when I saw a big crowd in one of the rooms. Of course, I was curious what was that about, and went to investigate. This was one of those moments, when you go back and say – I was really there, and I saw that with my own eyes. It was Mona Lisa’s painting. Sure, I saw it from a distance and it was behind a solid glass, but still – I was really there, and I saw it with my own eyes.

Paris.. (7) V Parij (48) V Parij (55) V Parij (58) V Parij (74) V Parij (84)

When, we got out of the Louvre, we ate in McDonalds(not that I like it, but it was the only place we knew and the only one that you can just order without speaking French(because all the French people I’ve met, didn’t want to speak English), I just pointed at the picture with the food I wanted to eat). After that we went for a walk. At least we did not get lost this time, like in Vienna,Austria, but about that in another post. As we walked around the little streets, we decided to go souvenir shopping. In one of them the salesman was dressed as Napoleon. Me and my friend laughed at him and mocked him in Bulgarian(I’m not very proud of that). At one point he came and asked me – Where are you from? I replied- Bulgaria? And he said in Bulgarian – Me too! Well, as you can imagine, that was an awkward moment.

Paris.. (13) Paris.. (15) V Parij (100) V Parij (106) V Parij (120) V Parij (132)

Our next direction was  Champs-Élysées…

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