One Design Week (part 1)

Let me tell about a special event in my home town. It is called One Design Week. A simple explanation about it, can be find online  –    – here is a copy/paste from this page if you are to lazy or don’t feel like opening it:

ONE DESIGN WEEK is an international festival for design and visual culture. It takes place every June. It features a professional forum with prominent speakers from all over the world, as well as an extensive program of open events aimed at the broader audience – exhibitions, workshops, discussions, talks, screenings, parties, book openings, events for children, etc.
ONE DESIGN WEEK strives to serve as a platform which stimulates and supports the development of design professionals in Bulgaria. At the same time the festival aims to present and promote sustainable and sensible practices for better and beneficial visual environment from around the world.
Quick facts:
ONE DESIGN WEEK’s first edition took place in 2009 under the name Sofia Design Week and in 2014 the festival will take place for the first in Plovdiv. It is produced by the platform for cultural events EDNO. Among EDNO’s other annual festivals are ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK and ONE DANCE WEEK.
So far the list of speakers at One Design Week includes: Konstantin Grcic, Matali Crasset, Michael Marriott, Mark Chalmers, Erik Kessels, Ji Lee, Marti Guixe, Stefan Sagmeister, Genevieve Gauckler, David Carlson Peter Bilak, Tomek Rygalik, David Carson, Jaime Hayon and Javier Mariscal, among others.
So, that’s about the festival. I had the opportunity to visit some of the exhibitions. Let me show you a few pictures that I and a dear friend of mine took. I hope to have the opportunity to visit more during the week ,and share it with you here.
10350993_865990060082280_937563644908123782_n 10386365_865990656748887_1580315460367665495_n

10414580_865991003415519_2512017154126125432_n 10469708_865990236748929_4405937930568578075_n 10477399_865990573415562_4928470299704318310_n 10494777_865990500082236_8763697179514660548_n10488247_865989796748973_8953481320570240886_n  20140621_14201320140621_141606 20140621_142117    20140621_141729 20140621_14151620140621_141658 20140621_141535

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