One Design Week (part 2)

Today, we decided to visit more exhibitions. The festival is due till next sunday,so time is on our side. For our first stop we chose BRAVOS. 21 young Spanish product designers and their best creations, gathered in one exhibition. Not only their products were presented, but behind each of them an information about the creators and their work was collected and showed to visitors.

20140622_163004 20140622_163027 20140622_163050

20140622_163109  20140622_163146 20140622_16321920140622_163138 20140622_163305

On the second floor, we saw sculptures and pictures. They all were the fruits of the labour of Bulgarian artists.

20140622_163441 20140622_163452 20140622_163459 20140622_163523 20140622_163611 20140622_163544   20140622_163629 20140622_163649 20140622_163533 20140622_163551 20140622_163754

20140622_163639 20140622_163702 20140622_163719

20140622_163432 20140622_163811 20140622_163825

Our next stop was an old building, that used to be a cinema during the socialism. It’s not working for years, but today the doors were open and visitors were welcomed inside. On the first floor was the The Three Favorites exhibition. In this one each Bulgarian artist submitted three works inspired by and dedicated to three of their favourite works in some of the other arts:film, theater, opera, literature, music, in a combination of their choice: 3 posters on favorite films, or 2 posters on favorite music plus 1 poster on a book,  just as an example. A short text and a photo of the author supported each of the exhibited work.

20140622_164511 20140622_16453920140622_164505  20140622_164546

On the second floor was an exhibitions from the infamous virtual museum SOCMUS and consisted of Bulgarian film posters from the socialist era.

20140622_164607 20140622_164614 20140622_164706 20140622_164746 20140622_164828  20140622_16485120140622_164840 20140622_164913 20140622_164933

20140622_164940 20140622_165151

The next place we visited was Visegrad. Six designers from the Visegrad Group from countries like Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, will try for four days to collect things from this neighbourhood( KAPANA) and to come up with design ideas. Each one of them will show with their creation, their own personal reading of the spirit of KAPANA.

20140622_175101 20140622_175105

Next stop was Garderob and RRRUB, which is something about fashion and their fall collection and lamps. It was a very small room and we didn’t see much. But across the street, was an amazing place, where everything was hand made: jewellery, table-cloths, handkerchiefs, book-covers, cups, tea-pots, clothes and the amazing creations of one artist, that were made from porcelain, but looked like plastic cups.

Close to those two was a small room with a spatial installation of pharmaceuticals packaging leftovers. There were lighting objects and lamps, created by two Austrian designers that have been experimenting with this unconventional material for years. The installation’s name is Sister Blister, and it was fascinating.

20140622_174811 20140622_174815

Not far from here, we found a room filled with Red Bull’s little fridges. Apparently creative designers had painted them in different ways and now we had the opportunity not only to look at them, but to vote for one of them.

20140622_175512 20140622_175524

20140622_175531 20140622_175537

20140622_175543 20140622_175552

20140622_175601 20140622_175613

We visited also two or three more places, one of which was the exhibitions of an Israeli artist, where he showed his latest works.

It was an excellent day, filled with good emotions. But, I still have more to see from One Design Week and I am waiting for One Dance Week as well. I hope you like the pictures, and enjoy them as much as I did.



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