Newport and its lovely cliff walk

Newport, RI is a lovely town nestled in the beautiful state of Rhode Island. It is famous with its majestic mansions, Cliff Walk, nice beaches and much more. One day we decided to go and see if this Cliff Walk, that everybody talked about, is really that lovely.


We found ourselves walking on one of the streets, that had to take us to the beginning of the walk. On both sides of it, standing stately, were the well-known mansions. We walked slowly, so we could embrace the immense beauty around us. Fine, nicely ornamented fences, were guarding the buildings. But, they could not stop the curious eyes of people passing by. Quite the opposite! They were attracting people, with their rich decoration, and of course, with the huge houses behind their bars.

Photo-0897 Photo-0901Photo-0902 Photo-0898 

Photo-0906 Photo-0907

Some of the mansions were huge, others enormous, but what they had in common, was their beauty. I’ll let some of my pictures speak, instead of me.

Photo-0899 Photo-0891 Photo-0888 Photo-0900Photo-0904 Photo-0886 Photo-0892 Photo-0884

Finally, after we walked for more than an hour, enjoying the view that was surrounding us, we reached the sign, showing us that this is the beginning of the Cliff Walk. There was a lovely beach, with fine golden sand and lots of people, relishing the hot weather. First, we walked on a small path. Small bushes with something like baby cherry tomatoes, were showing us where the path lineament was. We could see the ocean on the right side. Soon enough, we were walking on the big cliffs, and after we “climbed” the biggest one, we were stunned. The fascinating view of the still water in front was amazing. It was like somebody ironed the ocean for us. Not a single wave in sight.

Photo-0908 Photo-0910 Photo-0912 Photo-0913

We continued on our way, but unfortunately part of the Walk was closed. Giving up, was not an option. So, we went back to the street with the mansions, and shortly after that we found the way to the open part of the Cliff Walk. With every step the view was getting even more incredible. The vast ocean on the right and the back of the mansions on the left. The sun above us, made everything around look somehow magical.

Photo-0918 Photo-0919 Photo-0922 Photo-0928 Photo-0930 Photo-0932 Photo-0937 Photo-0938

We went down the Forty Steps and stopped for a few times, to just look around and relax, while enjoying the landscape. Not far from us was the First Beach, with the “calm” lake behind it. We knew the end of the path was near, and were both, a little sad, that it was ending, and happy that we had the opportunity to walk on it and see it. Without a doubt, this is one of the most delightful places we’ve been.

Photo-0941 Photo-0945 Photo-0946 Photo-0948 Photo-0949 Photo-0940Photo-0952 IMG_0840IMG_0842 IMG_0847 IMG_0849 IMG_0860


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