Varhovrah – a place for Nature lovers!

The weekend is the perfect time for a little trip. This time we decided to go somewhere not too far, but also not too close to our home town. Varhovrah was the place we chose.

20140726_112535 20140726_112550

When we got there, we parked the cars, took some food and water and decided to walk around. There was a small village nearby, so we walked to it. There weren’t many cars on the road, so we were not worried. Along the road we could find wild strawberries, blueberries and herbs. As we were making our way to the village, I was fascinated by the nature around us. The high peaks of the mountain, the fields down in the distance and the small cabins hidden in the woods. A roadside fountain waited for us, and its cool and fresh water gave us more power.

20140726_114128 20140726_114132 20140726_114136 20140726_114144 20140726_12131720140726_115733 20140726_115735 20140726_115739  20140726_12055220140726_120105  20140726_121328

After we came back from the village, we went to see the peak. We walked for awhile on a small woodland path, and to be honest it was not very easy, because I was already tired. I expected to see a magnificent picture before me. Unfortunately, between a few trees there was a sign, that this was in fact the peak… Well, I was disappointed, but didn’t feel bad for too long.

20140726_124252 20140726_125244 20140726_13171320140726_125231 20140726_125247  20140726_131243 20140726_131251 207 - Copy

Now it was time for some food and a lot of beer. That is what I call a perfect ending of a nice day!

204 - Copy 205 - Copy

20140726_140216 20140726_150557

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