Kavala, Greece and its heavenly beach

So, my vacation is over and I finally have more time to write in my blog. 🙂

My first time in Kavala, Greece was very very nice! I loved the beautiful houses that started down from the sea and made their way up the hill. The stillness of the blue water, that can calm everyone. The road, of course, and how while you are driving through the mountains and thinking – oh, are we there yet? – it surprises you with the fascinating view of the vast sea underneath, and with every curve you see more and more from the town beneath you. The old fortress with its guardians – the orange trees. My favourite ice cream, that we do not have in Bulgaria, but I found it here – Ben & Jerry’s. And last, but not least, the beautiful beaches along the road.

20140804_132819 20140804_132850

20140731_135415 20140731_171059    20140804_170803 20140731_172118

This time we did not go to the same beach. The one we found, was the last one before exiting the town (at least we thought so). We parked the car and headed to the beach. The view was breathtaking. Fine sand, with big umbrellas and comfortable lounges, nice bar with the best bartender with the finest frappe, the water that glittered as if it had hundreds of gems on its surface, the rocks at the end and the huge island of Thasos far in the distance.

20140804_135057 20140804_135100 20140804_155819 20140804_155829

The day was very hot, with not a single whiff. The water was crystal clear. I would walk meters and it would be only covering my legs. I walked more and when I reached a point where only my head was above the water I stopped and looked down. I was fascinated, even there I could see the nail polish on my feet. I had never seen such a clear water before in my life.

20140804_140439 20140804_140505 20140804_140633 20140804_141515

We enjoyed this day sooooo much. We sat on the wet sand and left the water tickle our feet, while drinking the tastiest frappe and embracing everything around. I think that one day, I would definitely go back there. 🙂

Have you ever been in Kavala, Greece? Or, have you visited another part of Greece? Share your thoughts and stories with me. 🙂

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