A delightful exhibition in the heart of the city

Autumn is coming (I know, Game of Thrones-inspired line), so the last sunny days are priceless. This weekend, we decided not to go out of the city. My home town Plovdiv, which you know from Plovdiv, Bulgaria – The One and Only , Plovdiv and its rowing channel (regatta venue) and Plovdiv – 2019 European Capital of Culture , was crowded with people. But, that didn’t stop us.


For our Sunday walk we chose the Old Town. Of course, I’ve been there thousands of times, but the sun that day was so soft and the way it was smiling playfully to us through the leaves, enchanted me. This was a fairy tale and I was in it. We walked pass the old houses and the lovely antique shops. Also we were fascinated by all the foreign tourists we met. All of them looked stunned. And, why wouldn’t they be – they were visiting a beautiful city in a beautiful day. At one point the people around us looked different. No, not aliens! They were all dressed up, and were all going together somewhere. Well, we didn’t hesitate to follow them and to violate their privacy. Actually, we found out that this was a wedding, after we saw the bride, and she was gorgeous.

20140921_140236 20140921_140442 20140921_140501

20140921_140601 20140921_140605 20140921_140653

20140921_140706 20140921_140813 20140921_140822

20140921_140838 20140921_140907

20140921_140921 20140921_140926 20140921_140939 20140921_141017  20140921_140506 20140921_140732

We left the wedding, after all we are not wedding crashers. The top of the hill with its old fortress ruins was waiting for us. Sadly, there were way too many people and we couldn’t even find a stone to sit. I love our hills. I adore the views from each one of them. From that one I can see all of the others and the river. What I love the most is – me, my boyfriend, couple of friends and beer!, at sunset. 🙂

20140921_134055 20140921_134102 20140921_134110 20140921_133105

On our way back, we found some posters about a fall exhibition. We got curious and followed the trail of placards. Finally, we reached the end of it, and entered one of the most famous houses in the Old Town – Balabanov’s House. The building itself is so ancient, but so cleverly and skilfully restored, that it looked like new. Its garden was magical, with its beautiful flowers, perfectly cut grass, wooden brown benches and an old fountain. The shade from the trees was so thick that I got a little cold.

20140921_140041 20140921_140044 20140921_14010220140921_140055 20140921_140115 20140921_140122 20140921_140205

The exhibition itself started from the garden. There were pictures hanged on the walls outside. The art-show comprised the works of four or five artists. Some of them were water-paintings, others oil-paintings, but they had one thing in common – they were all incredible works of art. Although, I didn’t like the pictures in one of the rooms( since, each artist had a separate room for his/hers paintings). The others I loved. Below you can see some pictures that I took of the works I liked. Among them you’ll find Nature themed ones, Paris-inspired ones and the others that just took my breath, so I don’t have a name for them.

20140921_135403  20140921_13550320140921_135420 20140921_135437 20140921_135446  20140921_135700 20140921_135411 20140921_135719 20140921_135722 20140921_135731 20140921_135754 20140921_135818 20140921_135803 20140921_135811  20140921_135759 20140921_135829  20140921_140128 - Copy

20140921_140128 20140921_140136 - Copy (2)

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