What I Call the Fair of Crafts

As I said before, there is always something happening in the Old Town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria – The One and Only. This weekend there was a crafts’ fair or the fair of crafts, I am not very sure how they call it in English.


There was a small concert between the old houses, just a few steps away from the Balabanov’s House – the one with the Delightful Exhibition in the Heart of the City, that I told you about a few days ago. Sunny day, nice weather, lots of people, laughter, small stage, singers…what more would you want for the weekend. Well, that’s exactly what we saw.

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But, lets get back to the fair. Last year these pavilions were on the main street. I got to say I liked, that they were in the heart of the Old Town this year. Honestly, the atmosphere there is more like in the mood of the fair. At the very beginning of one of the narrow streets, were the first tents. One with a very old loom, but perfectly preserved, drums and some magnets, which were very interesting. Most of them were in the shape of bagpipes. A few steps to the right, was another small tent, which I found very likable, because it was full with sweets. There were biscuits, candies and small cakes. Yammy!

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We continued to the rest of the pavilions, and were amazed by the crowd. Just to make it clear, I have to mention the fact, that everything was handmade on this fair.  Almost every tent offered magnets. I, myself, am a magnet collector. Surprisingly, I didn’t have one from my home town. So, I decided to get one from here. There was a variety of crafts, including handmade bags, rugs (and there was an old lady, dressed in a traditional Bulgarian dress, that was weaving on a loom), candles, jewelry boxes and clocks. The pottery was astonishing. The shapes and the colors – incredible.

10654150_10152793649502904_194354116_n 10714608_10152793649302904_1943923554_n10708440_10152793650422904_1097099081_n 10711420_10152793650097904_634313609_n  10716067_10152793650037904_904910308_n 10719088_10152793650397904_478098327_n10522730_10152793650302904_1921719719_n 10714893_10152793650182904_1440204294_n

There was a man who was showing how to make things from clay. You can imagine all the kids around him, trying to make vases or plates. The smiles on their faces, were priceless. We found that in one of the houses, people were showing how to make a soap. Unfortunately, we couldn’t enter, because again it was full with kids.

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Also, there were stuff made from metal and wood, such as spoons, ladles, plates. One of the pavilions really attracted my attention. There were things, like pictures you can hang on a wall, but all of them were made from glass! The work was so fine, and the color so bright, that I asked myself, how one person can be so talented.

10708390_10152793650497904_923439610_n 10714783_10152793650542904_410615135_n 10708329_10152793650797904_1165082673_n

Not to mention the jewelry…the rings, earring,bracelets and necklaces…made from silver, metal, plastic, wooden beads…everything was absolutely beautiful. And finally, the paintings! So much talent in just one painting.

10581521_10152793651157904_1708566029_n 10643350_10152793650952904_1590478059_n


When we decided to go home, we heard music coming from the main street. With a surprise we found out, that there was another concert there. So, we stayed for a while enjoying the soft sun, light autumn breeze and the nice music.

10708048_10152793649777904_181975359_n 10716206_10152793649602904_1605082603_n

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Queen Sylvia says:

    It’s a shame I can’t travel the 200 km to Plovdiv right now and see this myself. It’s amazing!

    1. Mons says:

      It really was! May be you’ll have a chance to see it next year!

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