How I Got Lost In Vienna

Hi guys, it’s been a while since my last post. I started a new job and I’ve been crazy busy. But, finally I managed to get my s**t together and here I am. Since I didn’t have time to write, I had no time to read either. I’ve missed so much and now I am ready to see what has been going on in your lives. But, before that, let me tell you how I got lost in Vienna. But, before that I’ll share some pictures from the most interesting buildings and restrooms I’ve seen in my life. No explanation needed!

Viena (30) Viena (31) Viena (39)Viena (32) Viena (33) Viena (38)  Viena (40)

Vienna is an amazing city and I’ve dreamt of visiting it for a long time. When I finally got there I was overwhelmed. I couldn’t believe my luck. The first thing was to go to  Belvedere Palace. The day was cold and everything around us looked so grey. The castle itself was beautiful – huge building with a very interesting architecture. But, what drew my attention were its gardens -especially the ones in the “back yard”, and also the breathtaking view in the distance. We stood there for a while trying to successfully save this in our memories.

Viena. (26) Viena. (27) Viena. (30) Viena. (33)

After that we went to the Hofburg Palace. We walked by, with our mouths open and eyes thirstily exploring. I loved the three clocks – the regular, sun and moon one. The best part was that through there, we managed to go to the main street. I kept thinking how amazing that was. One moment you are in this beautiful palace and the next, you are on the center of this phenomenal city. Everything was so different and yet so familiar. Old buildings with new modern stores on the ground floors. And not just stores…the stores of all the fashion labels I had seen only on TV. All that glamour cleverly “stuck” into the rich history of the city.

Viena (87) Viena (107) Viena (127) Viena (142) Viena (152) Viena (160) Viena (161) Viena (166) Viena (165) Viena (164) Viena (170)

The Pestsäule was absolutely breathtaking. Not only the way it was made was indescribable, but what it represents was truly admirable. It has a history which I will skillfully show you by copy/paste the link from Wikipedia, so I can be as accurate as possible –,_Vienna .

Viena (185) Viena (186) Viena (187) Viena (189)Viena (191) Viena (192)Viena (188) Viena (179)   Viena (201)Viena (200)  Viena (204)

Our walk took us to the St. Stephan’s cathedral, which was in reconstruction. But, we got in anyway. It was like one of those cathedrals I’ve seen in movies, but never been in one. It was very dark, but the colored windows managed to “break” the sunbeams into little rainbows rushing through the darkness and magically illuminating the hall. We lit a few candles and went out.

Viena (130) Viena (205)

We visited a few candy stores, and after eating all of the chocolates we had, decided to continue walking around. We curiously explored every little street and that was the moment we got lost. We fiercely started to search the right path, but we only went deeper and deeper into the heart of the city. But, you know what? I don’t regret even a second of this journey. The buildings around us were old, but well preserved. And each one of them was telling a different story. I was astonished. How much you can see of a city, when you escape the crowds. The Christmas spirit could be seen not only on the main street (the decoration there was like taken from a postcard, Vienna is without a doubt a place I would like to spend my holidays in), but from every little window, where we could see the tops of Christmas trees, or other Christmas decorations. I was looking at the windows, imagining how the whole family is sitting in front of the fireplace, opening presents and the whole room is filled with the smell of the burned woods and freshly baked cookies with cinnamon. We got lost, only to find ourselves!

Viena (27) Viena (56) Viena (214) Viena (216) Viena. (7) Viena. (8)

After a while we saw a familiar place before us. I had seen it only on postcards, but there it was a few steps away from me. It was the Rathaus and the famous Christmas market in front of it. We went from booth to booth, looking for the perfect souvenir or postcard. We didn’t forget to get a hot baked potato before we left. I absolutely love Vienna, and can’t wait to go back!

Viena (217) Viena (218) Viena (219) Viena (220)

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