Top 5 Places I’d love to revisit

I have to admit that I am a “Re”-woman. And now you are thinking – “what the **** is a re-woman. Let me explain. As much as I love trying new things and visiting new places, sometimes I have the need to do some things again…and again. I like to re-listen songs, to re-watch movies and to revisit places I’ve been to.

I was nominated by Vasudha to do this post about ‘5 Places I’d love to revisit’. I absolutely adore her and love her blog. I like all of the blogs that I follow, and love to read them, but hers is one of those that I must check every day. And when she has no new post I am like – “Come on…I’m waiting…”. So, you can check it for yourself – .

So here are my Top 5 places I’d love to revisit.


1. New York, NY, USA

Well, I have a history of revisiting this city every other year. I’ve seen so much of it, and still have so much more to explore. Next time I am going to complete this list I’ve written –  The Best Places To Be At Night In NYC .

IMG_7464 IMG_1485

IMG_1575 photo (16)

2. San Francisco, CA, USA

I loved the city. I’ve seen almost everything I could. I saw the Golden Gate bridge from almost every angle. And I say almost, because I couldn’t go to one particular spot, that I’ve seen in the movie  “Boys and Girls”. I think 2015 is the year I’ll do that!

IMG_1976 IMG_5728IMG_2035 IMG_5734

3. Niagara Falls, NY, USA

I would love to revisit it, because it was absolutely beautiful. But, this time I would love to see it from Canada, and if possible at night!

IMG_6269 IMG_6292 IMG_6323 IMG_6365

4. Munich, Germany

I liked Munich very much. Although it was raining and I couldn’t explore more of it. Next time more exploring, less shopping!

V Münhen (110) V Münhen (95)V Münhen (62) V Münhen (94)

5. Vienna, Austria

I wouldn’t mind getting lost again in this beautiful city.

Viena (87) Viena (127) Viena. (14)Viena (152)

This wonderful idea for a post is inspired by “Booked.netTop Destinations to Go There“. And I would like to nominate five people to make their lists.

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5. Ellis Goes On Holiday

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Thank you for your kind words, Monika. Its a wonderful list.
    Niagara Falls – it looks even more incredible from the Canadian side. Happy Travels !

    1. Mons says:

      I heard so too, I hope to have a chance to see it again, but from the Canadian border!

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