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Today we have a very interesting young woman to answer a few questions! Her name is Lisa. She is an Australian, who currently resides in Auckland. Lisa is a student of nutritional medicine, and also a middle distance runner. Here is a link to her lovely blog –

And here is a link to my favourite post of hers –

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What was that particular moment that made you decide to become a blogger?

I was going through some interesting life experiences, and needed a way to express them. There was so much I couldn’t talk to others about, and so I originally started blogging anonymously. But when I quit my job in April, I decided to change the direction a bit, and make it a health food blog. It was still an idea at that stage, and I didn’t really do much to it until June this year.

Do you read other blogs for inspiration?

Yes, definitely. I read all sorts of blogs, not just food. Its a great way to work out even from a layout perspective, exactly what you want in your blog, and even what you don’t want! Because this is my first blog, its been a big learning experience as well. But there are so many great blogs out there, I think its important to support others who are trying to be heard as well.

Besides writing and cooking, what do you do for a living?

At the moment I am studying Nutritional Medicine full time. I’m very fortunate to be in a position where that is possible. I also spend a chunk of my day attempting to become an injury free runner again.

Do you prefer to cook alone?

Yes and no. I like the escape of baking on my own, its almost meditative! But when I’m cooking something with lots of elements, I love some help. My boyfriend will often cook the meat element to a dish, while I do the rest. And we seem to work pretty well together so its seamless.

What are the top 5 recipes you would recommend?

This one is tough! Because it is so varied. But probably these ones –

  1. Apple Soaked Overnight Oats
  2. The Real Healthy Burger
  3. Grilled Salmon
  4. Choc Hazelnut Bites
  5. Basil and Garlic Hummus

Have you ever cooked something that was so bad that you couldn’t write about it?

Oh yep! Haha most things I have been pretty lucky with, but there was one really bad one! I made some rice paper rolls for the first time, a couple of months back. They turned out super yum (but lets be honest – they aren’t too hard to get right), but the dipping sauce I made to go with them was an epic fail. Its was soo horrible!

Tell us more about the Inspiration Board.

I think we all could do with some inspiration every now and then! My running is a huge part of my life as well, and it started as a little entrance into that side of me. There are other parts to the blog I want to add down the track that are not just about food. But for now, that was a way to add something different.

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And here is the “short questions” section. Answer with one word!

Hot or cold drinks? Cold

What’s your favorite ingredient? How do I pick one?! Lets go with berries 🙂

I never cook without…? A plan

What’s your favorite dish? Bircher Muesli

What would your life be without One Fine Daisy ? Similar

10660602_10204583968384208_1416969591_n 10660636_10204646047776154_618391006_n

All of the pictures used in this post are from Lisa’s blog –

For more amazing pictures –


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    Thank you lovely! x

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