Boston – The Cradle of Liberty (Part 1)

It was a hot summer day, but we were full with joy. We’ve finally managed to go to Boston. We had a small colorful map and big smiles on our faces. Leaving the train station, we found ourselves in the middle of a smaller concrete jungle. And I say smaller, because unlike New York City, this one had a little bit different skyline. Yes, where we were at that moment, was similar. Tall buildings with the same architecture that is peculiar to big American cities. And yet, the city was nothing like the others I’ve been to. New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco…But, Boston was something different.


We wandered in this labyrinth of streets, before we found some place to eat. There, the route was made and our tour started.

IMG_1772 IMG_1775  IMG_1777 IMG_1776 IMG_1771 IMG_1774

First we went to see a park(ok, I lied, first we went shopping…but just for a little while!). It was big, green, fresh and incredible. Cute wooden benches, small paths, perfectly cut grass and beautifully arranged colorful flowers. An old and big fountain, with an amazing structure, was waiting for us. I stood before it, fascinated by the way the water made its way from the top of it, to its bottom. Every little drop managed to separate from the others, catch the sun in its whole water entity and then rush into the bottom, where it could unite with the others, and start their journey all over again. Quite a beautiful picture, if you ask me. Not only that, but there was a big pond, where small boats offered tours. Of course this picture won’t be complete, without the friendly wild ducks walking calmly around.

IMG_1780 IMG_1786 IMG_1788 IMG_1789 IMG_1797 IMG_1799IMG_1796 IMG_1792

There was also something different – a pond-like thing. Was it a pond, was it a pool, was it a fountain… I honestly don’t know. But, all the kids had so much fun in it, that I wished I had the time to do so, too.

IMG_1781 IMG_1785

Next stop was the Library. Here we were close to one of the tallest buildings in Boston (if not the tallest). I loved how its glass surface perfectly illuminated everything around it and in the distance. The reflection of the world around us was truly exciting. I liked how compact is the city. With every step, we found something new and different. There was a smaller fountain in front of the Library, with two metal figures before it.  One was a turtle, the other a rabbit. Well, you might be wondering, if we took a picture on them. Yes, we did. Little did we know, that the metal was heated by the sun. Yeah, we screamed!

IMG_1817 IMG_1818 IMG_1819 IMG_1822

The Library was incredible. I personally love libraries. I feel so peaceful there. They are cold, quiet and clean. The smell of the books is enchanting. We walked around fascinated by the enormous halls, big bookshelves, skilfully painted ceilings and the fact that every little detail mattered there. And just when I thought this can’t be more perfect, we saw a small fountain in its hidden backyard.

IMG_1826 IMG_1828  IMG_1837 IMG_1840 IMG_1833 IMG_1843

It was time to move on. But, I’ll tell you about it next time.

Meanwhile, share with me, if you’ve been in Boston? Did you like it there?


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