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It has been a while, since my last post. I surely want to write something new, and to share with you more of my journeys, but I’ve been crazy busy lately. This interview was due last week, but I had no time to post it, and I felt really bad about this. Now, here it is. A big sorry to Chitra Jagadish, for the delay.

You are probably wondering, who is Chitra. She describes herself as a recipe developer. She can teach you how to include healthy ingredients to every food. But, she is not just a cook, she is also a wife and a mother. And as many of you know, and others like me will understand in the future, mother is a full time job. So, here is my interview with this lovely lady.

ganache-coffee-milkshake-new kesar-badam-milkshake

What was that particular moment that made you decide to become a blogger?

I was spending time reading about ingredients health benefits and experimenting with new dishes. One fine day my hubby quietly said ‘Start your own blog’, which would benefit those looking for healthy recipes. I took a moment and agreed with his advise.

Do you read other blogs for inspiration?

I do read, which helped me to know how creative the cooking can be. There are many amazing personalities who created magic at Kitchen.

baked-katoru-chat-filled bread-muffins

Besides writing and cooking, what do you do for a living?

I am a mother of an angel and wife for a good human being

Do you prefer to cook alone?


What are the top 5 recipes you would recommend?

Oats meal Pizza

Mexican stuffed Jalapenos

Baked Katoris

Pistachio milkshake

Badam puri

oats-pizza-with-mushroom pizza-nutty-sauce

Have you ever cooked something that was so bad that you couldn’t write about it?

Yes. Cooking is all about experiments and without which no new dishes can be explored.

There are probably a lot of people thinking “I want to have a successful blog”. Dare to share some advice with our readers?

Blogging is about passion to share things you love. It is not a commercial product which sales or you can make money over night. Dedication and self motivation are key. Creativity and uniqueness in every post brings back readers.

rosecoco-beans tortilla-canapes


And here is the “short questions” section. Answer with one word!

Hot or cold drinks?


What’s your favorite ingredient?


I never cook without…?


What’s your favorite dish?

Indian Chats

What would your life be without

Can’t imagine how it was before and what it will be without.

spiced-hot-chocolate img_9320 savoury-cake2 dark-chocolate-nests

Where else can you find Chitra? Answers are below!

Bloglovin –

Instagram –

Twitter –

Facebook –

Pinterest – on Pinterest


All of the pictures in this post are taken from Chitra’s blog .

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