Boston – The Cradle of Liberty (Part 2)

Since we were out of the library and had 5-6 hours to kill, before we had to catch the train, we opened the map and marked the places we wanted to see. First we decided to explore the famous Newbury street. Old buildings with a fascinating architecture were standing stately alongside of the street. Fancy stores with expensive things and boutiques were nestled on their first and second floors, as well as nice restaurants with fine cuisine, loud and crowded bars and exquisite coffee-houses and ice-cream parlours. The way the modern chain stores and the old buildings were coordinating with each other was very interesting. The past was well preserved within the facades of the building, and the stores only added chic and glamour to it, in a very smart way.


Here we made a stop. It was time for ice-cream. And not just ice-cream – my favourite one! I’ve worked for Ben & Jerry’s one summer, and since then, I’m completely and blindly in love with their products. As a chocoholic, I love Chocolate Therapy. If I have to be honest, I like all of the flavors, except the one with coconut – The Seven Layer Bar, simply because I hate coconut. But, if I have to pick a few that I like a little more then the others, they will be – Chunky Monkey, Phish Food, Mint Chocolate Chunk, Americone Dream… yeah, I can continue with more…and more… You’ve got the idea – I adore ice-cream and especially Ben & Jerry’s.

IMG_1863 IMG_1858 IMG_1859 IMG_1856

After we re-charged ourselves, we decided to go to Fenway Park. In fact, we walked. You can imagine how much we had to walk, but the boys wanted to see it. Anyway, when we finally got there, we found out that we won’t be able to go in for a tour. So, we walked back. We had to wait for a while till a fellow Bulgarian, can drive us to Harvard – our last stop in Boston. We sat on the steps of a closed store and waited.

IMG_1854 IMG_1855

Finally, it was time to go. The drive was not short, so we were happy we had a car. On the way there, we drove pass MIT, so we could catch a glimpse of it. A stop at the famous bar from the TV movie – Cheers, was a must. Harvard was nothing, I expected. It was a small town full of students, with an amazing energy. I liked it very much. The campus of the university was big, and again full with people. Here the tourist and student-wannabes were more than the actual students. Honestly, I wished I studied there. Unfortunately, we had to leave, and I watch it from the back window, as we drove away.

IMG_1862 IMG_1870 IMG_1876 IMG_1882 IMG_1883 IMG_1884 IMG_1886 IMG_1892IMG_1888 IMG_1887

We had half an hour before the train and we sat on a bench next to the river. The sun was going down, and we could see only its reflection on the windows of the buildings across the water. What an amazing day! I would definitely want to go back one day.

IMG_1895 IMG_1896


Have you ever been in Boston? Did you like it there?

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