Top 5 Christmas Markets In Europe I Would Love To Revisit


As you know from my previous post –How I Got Lost In Vienna, I love Vienna. It is a place, where I would like to spent every Christmas. There is something enchanting in this lovely city, during the holidays. Vienna’s Christmas market is situated in front of the Rathaus. Small wooden pavilions, adorned with festoons and lights shimmering in different colours, were waiting their visitors. The smell of freshly baked potatoes and the jolly Christmas songs filled the air with festivity.

Viena (217) Viena (218) Viena (219) Viena (220)


Salzburg is a very beautiful city. With its greenness during the summer, and its festal decoration during the Christmas holidays, it attracts millions of tourists every year. The city is decked with garlands, hanging between the old buildings and making the narrow streets look like small tunnels, leading to the famous Christmas market. The market itself, surrounded by buildings, is the beating hearth of the small city.

V Salzbyrg (66) 206928_1842603459730_1079903493_2003328_5519398_n216355_1842603059720_1079903493_2003325_3028381_n 216832_1842603339727_1079903493_2003327_5516095_nV Salzbyrg (67) V Salzbyrg (68) V Salzbyrg (55)


Paris is called the capital of love, but it is also a hot spot not only on Valentine’s day, but at the end of the year. The Christmas market is located on one of the most famous streets in the world – Champ Elysee’s. There is another market very close to the Eiffel Tower, unfortunately I had no time to visit it.  At night the trees along the French street are lit up from hundreds of little lamps. I felt like I am in a winter fairy land.

V Parij (136) V Parij (137)


The Christmas market in Munich is unique, as well as any other Christmas market in Germany. I had the opportunity to see it only for a minute, but what I saw is still engraved in my memory. This is a place where you can buy one of a kind toys for your Christmas tree, as well as souvenirs or/and postcards. And if you are tired or cold of looking for the perfect gift, you can warm up with a glass of Glühwein and relax.


For the last few years, we have two Christmas markets in my home town. The German Christmas market in front of the Municipality, and the traditional Christmas market before the Central Post Office. They are both situated on the main street and are just a few steps away from each other. The first one offers everything that I talked about a few lines above (Munich Christmas market). I personally loved it, because like I said, all of the Christmas markets in Germany are unique. The second one offers all kinds of toys and presents, and some of them are handmade. What an amazing way to spread the joy, with one of a kind gift. Also, one can taste and/or buy food and drinks there.

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What is your favourite Christmas market?

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