Project 365

You are probably wondering, what the hell Project 365 is. To be honest I did not know what it would be at the beginning. In December 2013, I decided to make 1 photo each day. It was something funny and interesting. I kept doing it for all year. Sometimes, of course, I had busy days and forgot about it. But, I did 2 the next day, so I was calm. In August, I still had no idea, what the purpose of the Project was. In mid September, however, I came up with an idea. It was then, that I decided to make a calendar for 2015.


10937586_10153078486712904_1778414992_n 10937864_10153078486822904_728740198_n


So I made a calendar for each month and used my favourite program – Photo Scape. I do love it. It is easy to use and the results are always great. Then I printed the sheets. I needed only a cardboard and a glue. I cut the cardboard into pieces and glued the sheets on it. Then I made holes on the top of each page. I used a part of a chain for a necklace and two safety pins.

january fevruary mart april mai june july august septemvri oktomvri noemvri dekemvri

At the end, I decided to write some inspirational quotes on some of the months, to keep me motivated all year.

4 77 14529 116 104 110  44 18 191141 150 180 210 227 229231 264 294 303 309 310 356 362

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