A Little Gem Hidden in the Heart of Pazardzhik

There is one particular spot in Pazardzhik(a city very close to Plovdiv), that I love. It is called Park “Svoboda”( which means – freedom), or as people call it – Ostrova (The Island). It is a large and green park, with perfectly cut grass and colourfull flowers. I am in love with the roses that are cultivated there. If you are looking for a place to sit and relax – lots of benches are waiting for you. In fact, the longest bench in the world, made by wood, is here. It is 1 015 meters long and about 2 -020 people can sit on it.

20140730_144841 DSCN3606 20140730_144910

A part of that, there is something like a little zoo in the park. Here you can find a gorgeous tiger, funny llama, timid fox and majestic eagle. Also: cute little ponies, indescribably beautiful peacocks, other pretty birds, lemurs and many more. The lemurs are especially friendly and adorably cute.

20140730_150352 20140730_150428  20140730_150533 20140730_150604 20140730_150936 20140730_150946 20140730_151016 20140730_151625 20140730_151716 20140730_150254IMG_9587 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA DSCN3616IMG_9592 DSCN361720140730_151824 20140730_152015

There are lots of attractions for kids and grown ups. You can take a “ride” on Flintstones car(which we did!) or “run” from the dinosaurs. Other sculptures might take your attention as well. I personally love the big chair. It is higher then me, but I climb on it, because…well, it is a fun thing to do.

20140730_145151 20140730_14553520140730_145323 20140730_145409 20140730_14564520140730_145542 20140730_150503

I can talk a lot about the park, but I think my pictures will convince you, that it is worth visiting. 🙂

20140730_152427 20140730_152412  20140730_152924 20140730_152438 20140730_152402 20140730_152556 DSCN3627



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