Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of…


In 2013, I had the opportunity to visit the USA, for a second time. Back in 2011, I was only 3,5-4 hours away from the city(by train – LIRR). So, I had the unique chance to visit it 4-5 times. In 2013, however, I wasn’t that close to it. Sure, Newport is not that far away either. But, we had to take a bus to Providence, and from there to Boston…and then train to NYC…long story. At least, when we managed to get there, we had 2 days(including 1 night) in this fabulous city. 

IMAG1953 IMG_1321  IMG_1429 IMG_1323 IMG_1437 IMG_1440

Central park is my true love, as you know from a previous post of mine – Central Park. I just love how green and clean it is. Everybody is doing something there. Either jogging, riding a bike, reading a book, lying on the ground…the park is so alive. We had lunch on the upper west side and that is from where we entered the park. We saw John Lennon’s memorial, which was decorated with colourful flowers. I remembered where the big fountain was, not that it was not easy to find. We climbed in the castle for a better view of the park. On our way out of the park, we sat for a while near one of the ponds, you know the little one with all the small and cute boats, and just relaxed.

IMG_1326 IMG_1327 IMG_1334 IMG_1342 IMG_1396 IMG_1397 IMG_1409 IMG_1419

This year, I had the chance to visit the MET. I can never say the MET and not remember how Joey(from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.), confused it with some kind of a sports team. As far as I recall, it was a baseball team, but I might be mistaken. If anyone is as confused as he is, the MET, actually stands for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I liked it better than the American Museum of Natural History(you can check my post about it here – The American Museum of Natural History). It had so much to offer, that we didn’t have time to see it all. The fact that we paid like 25 cents to enter, was amazing. I loved all of the paintings…I am so amazed of how talented a person can be. I was fascinated by some of the sculptures as well.

IMG_7576 IMG_1348IMG_1350 IMG_1358 IMG_1362 IMAG1954 IMG_1385 IMG_1378IMG_1377 IMG_1383 IMG_1370 IMG_1373 photo (2)

The MET was amazing. If I have the chance to come back in NYC this year, I will definitely pay it a visit again. Our next stop was Empire State building. I was there back in 2011, but my friends weren’t, so we went there. It was fun to make some kind of a comparison, or parallel, if you will, between the city back in 2011 and in 2013. I am not sure, if I can spot any new building from the top, except of course, the new Trade Center, but it was nice to be up there again. (New York part 2 – here you can read my first experience on the 82nd floor). Whatever I say about the concrete jungle, will not be enough. It leaves you speechless, with an urge to go back again, and again, and again. I’ll let my pictures tell their tale.

to be continued…

IMG_1501 IMAG1962 IMG_1453 IMG_1457 IMG_1459 IMG_1463 IMG_1488 IMG_1487  IMG_1484 IMG_1465



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