Me In The World Of Decoupage

A couple of months ago I wanted to make something with decoupage. I didn’t know much about how to do it, so I had to look it up in the Internet. Probably most of you know what decoupage is and how to do it, but for those of you who don’t, here is a link to a helpful article –


Below, I’ll show you my accomplishment, as well as some comments about my struggle throughout the process.

I have a very old vase. Unfortunately, when I was little, I broke it once. My mom glued the pieces together and everything was great, till little me broke it again. Of course, my mom glued the pieces together again, hoping this is the last time she does that. As you might guessed, it wasn’t. Throughout the years some pieces were nowhere to be found and the process of glueing the remaining once together became harder. However, a couple of months ago I decided to try to fix the vase with decoupage.

11084330_10153253463517904_21561960_n 11088117_10153253463202904_1625995326_n 11103916_10153253463457904_1067679010_n 11103977_10153253463492904_1780443559_n 11096761_10153253463272904_1669532333_n 11084581_10153253463452904_1709069280_n


When I was little, I collected napkins. It was my hobby. I was so excited to see all of my lovely napkins once again. To choose the right one was harder than I though – they were all so beautiful.

11093730_10153253463127904_1628952739_n 11082957_10153253463157904_2051756435_n11081890_10153253463607904_1227618661_n 11039468_10153253463542904_337806523_n


To start the whole process I needed the vase, a napkin, a glue(this one was also a lacquer), a flat brush, a white paint and a smile. This is what I did:

  1. I painted the vase with a white paint. I let it dry for a while.
  2. I separated all the lairs of the napkin, because I needed only the top one.
  3. I cut the napkin, so it was easier to glue it to the surface of the vase.
  4. I started to glue the napkin pieces to the vase’s surface. I also did the edges, but not the inside.
  5. Once I finished, I polish it with the lacquer. For me it was easier to buy a glue, that is a lacquer as well.

11106309_10153253463642904_151983273_n 11084414_10153253463652904_1275960625_n

I am very satisfied with the final result and can’t wait for another project with decoupage.

11104176_10153253463677904_853811225_n 11096837_10153253463742904_892700990_n (1) 10477689_10153253463697904_514701687_n



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