Stara Zagora And Its Enchanting Zoo

Yesterday was a sunny day! I am so excited that spring is faintly here and soon the weather will be better, and summer is also coming. The trees and flowers are blossoming and their incredible scent is mood changing. I can feel the soft touch of the sun and the not so cold spring breeze.

Stara Zagora is a city which is about 1 hour away from Plovdiv. I’ve been there before, but not on purpose, just passing by and stopping for a bite. Yesterday I visited its zoo and its main street, and I am fascinated.


The zoo was somewhere on a hill I guess, because we drove up the hill(captain obvious is here!). The drive reminded me a little bit of the drive in San Fransisco, with its steep streets. We easily found a place to park, giving the fact that probably the whole city and the population of a few more, were there. I love animals very much. But, if I have to be honest, I have to say that I feel sorry for the ones kept in zoos. I don’t know, if some of them are endangered species, but my heart still hurts, when I see their big eyes hoping for freedom. Sure, they have food here and in this zoo, particularly, the workers take good care of them.

The zoo itself is in the woods. This is great, because it is close to the natural habitat of some animals. It has wide alleys and lots of benches. It also has swings for the kids, so it’s a win-win for the whole family.

20150413_125529 20150413_135836 20150413_13130820150413_130423 20150413_131604 20150413_133855 20150413_134427

First, we saw the breathtaking peacocks. Two of them had their feathers wide open, showing their beauty. One of them was turning first to the right, then to the left, as if showing off to its public. There was another one outside of the little cages, walking by the visitors.

20150413_125945 20150413_125951 20150413_130021 

20150413_141202 20150413_141214 20150413_141212

The bears had some small pools and didn’t miss an opportunity to swim and cool there. Surprisingly, there were other bears in much smaller cells. They were pretty big. One of the workers had a hose and was pouring some water in their cage. At one point two of the bears stood only on their back legs, fighting for the water, and making me wonder, if the bars were solid enough.

20150413_130605 20150413_130631 20150413_130718

20150413_131850 20150413_131852 20150413_13202220150413_130601 20150413_131827

Sadly, we didn’t see the jaguar. But, we had luck with the wild cats, the tigers and the lynx. The wild cats, being just cats, didn’t really care, that we were there. The tigers, however, made a little show for us. First, they were walking slowly, then begun to chase one another, and for the final, the male one came to the end of the cage, turn its back to the crowd and…yes, it did pee on the people. The lynx, also ignored us. It had its dinner and didn’t even care to look at us.

20150413_132504 20150413_132518 20150413_132605 20150413_132419

The lions, on the other hand, also did a little show. Probably, it would be more appropriate to have a sign – not for children under a certain age, but this is nature. Yes, the male had the need to “make love” to his queen. Although, she wasn’t very happy and soon chase him away. You could honestly see the sadness in his eyes.

 20150413_135540 20150413_135609 20150413_135752 20150413_140023 20150413_140016

The ostrich was my favourite. It walks fast and looks at you with a curiosity. I wish to know, what it was thinking about. There were signs – do not feed the animals – but, of course, there was somebody giving grass to the ostrich. Meanwhile, the emu, from the other cage, had wriggled through the bars and was eating from the ostrich food. No wonder, the ostrich was hungry.

20150413_140531 20150413_140703 20150413_140708

20150413_140601 20150413_141000 20150413_140721

The wolves looked really savage. I would too, if I was a wolf and my cage was next to the one with the deers. The deers were very beautiful. The male ones had their antlers cut off, or at least, that was what we thought. Then, we read that their antlers change every year, around this time.

20150413_133439 20150413_13344420150413_133615 20150413_134358

The goats, were very friendly. But, the fox was looking really sad. This is where my heart hurt the most.

20150413_133951 20150413_134137 20150413_134338

20150413_133148 20150413_133143 20150413_134519

20150413_134524 20150413_135108 20150413_13360920150413_134154 20150413_135125 20150413_135314 20150413_135320   20150413_135855 20150413_140443  20150413_131733 20150413_132330 20150413_140631

After the zoo, we went to eat something. Then, when we were “loaded”, we went to see the main street. Nice plaza and great park. I have to say, that I liked Stara Zagora, and will come back again.

20150413_165734 20150413_17005020150413_155131 20150413_17045120150413_170422 20150413_170435     20150413_170027 20150413_170121 20150413_170245

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