What Happens In Atlantic City…

When I entered Atlantic City I didn’t expect anything special. I mean I’ve been in so many places, not to mention big cities, so I was almost ignorant about this one. But, Atlantic City kind of amazed me.


I got off near the bus terminal and the first thing that I saw was the Caesars hotel and casino. Of course, at that moment I didn’t know that a few hours later one of the girls that was travelling with me will be thrown out of the casino, because she was drinking alcohol, gambling and smoking inside the casino and she is only 20 years old. Beside that I had fun in the casino. I had a few beers, spent some money, won some money as well and had fun with my friends. The air conditioning made everything even more special.

20150629_222729 20150630_001127 20150630_023742 20150630_023852

The first thing we did was to go on the boardwalk. The boardwalk in Wildwood is awful. For me it is a complete circus and I find It very irritating and annoying. I kindly avoid it every single day. The one in Atlantic City, however, was nothing like the horrible one back in Wildwood. It was long, wide and clean. There were big and tall hotels on side of it, so if you felt the need to hade somewhere from the sun, there was actually a place to do that. Also, there were a few amazing beach bars that reminded me of the ones back in Bulgaria. Great atmosphere, clean beach, nice weather, relaxing music and cold beer. Oh, did I like this afternoon? Hell yeah, I did!

20150629_202928 20150629_203051 20150629_203145 20150629_203851

The bar we chose had a small deck, where we sat. The view was amazing. We could see a huge part of the boardwalk, a great part of the beach, as well as, a lot of the fancy hotels and the casinos with the neon signs in front. Should I compare it with Las Vegas? Never! Vegas is another world. To call Atlantic City the little Vegas on the East Coast is a very big insult for the Sin City. Anyway, the bar had some hammocks on the beach, as well as beach chairs. All that a person needs in a hot day – cold beverage and a comfortable place to sit, of course, a great view is a complete plus!

20150629_225612 20150629_225615

We did not walk much around Atlantic City. Just the boardwalk, a few casinos, the outlets and then we headed back home. Will I go back? Probably. I would love to have another refreshing cold beer at the beach, while watching the big waves rushing to the shore. Next time I will go at sunset and will be excited to see all of the lights at night.

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  1. Thanks another one to the ever growing list… We heard a lot about it from the tv shows… Thanks for sharing.- a wandering memory

    1. Mons says:

      You’re welcome! I hope you have he chance to visit it soon, so you can check it off from the list and add another exciting place to visit!

      1. That’s what usually happens . Unfortunately we are snowed this year and I am.not sure the states will even happen next year.. but it will do you have my word… Thank you so much for the wonderlust. Hope my blogs may inspire you also

  2. James Scott says:

    Looks great

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