This year I had the chance to visit Paris for the third time. So far, I’ve seen everything I wanted to see from this city and had the role of a tour guide to another fellow traveler. We had just a few hours, so we had to be smart about it.


We got on the subway and got off somewhere near Notre Dame. We were with our carry-on luggage, because we had to connect flights to New York. So, we tried to walk as fast as we could, without allowing the small suitcases to be a burden. Of course, the Louvre, Champs Elysees and the Eiffel Tower were a must see, so we stopped at each one for a short amount of time. Although, we were in a hurry I had a peaceful experience this time. But, I will let my pictures talk instead of me, let them tell you the story of this short, but special visit to the European fashion capital.

20150522_123229 20150522_122915 20150522_123003 20150522_123218  20150522_123351 20150522_123710 20150522_12393720150522_123458 20150522_123504   20150522_133001 20150522_133125 20150522_13360320150522_133158 20150522_133439 20150522_133511 20150522_14012320150522_134652 20150522_134528 20150522_140225 20150522_140600 20150522_142850 20150522_143500

Check out my previous two posts, about my first time in Paris:

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and be aware of an upcoming post, about my second visit in the French capital. 🙂

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