Los Angeles and Its “Magnificence”


Being on the west coast was so much fun. We booked a tour for 7 days. The majority of the people in the bus were Chinese, as well as the tour guides. One of the tour guides, however, did not speak good English and every other word he used was “OK”. Anyway, the tour lasted, as I said, 7 days. We spent 3 and a half nights in LA. And I say 3 and a half, because the last night we slept only an hour in the hotel, because we had to catch a very early flight. But, does it count as LA, if we stayed in a hotel in Covina?

20150920_182824 20150920_182827

The hotel itself was amazing. It was peaceful and all of the amenities were fine. Although, the housekeeper was soooo slow cleaning our room, even though that she knew we were waiting. And I say that with annoyance, because I had been a housekeeper before, and I’ve never done that. Anyway, we spent the day at the pool with some beer and good music. We tried to go to the walk of fame, but going to LA from Covina and then coming back, without a car, was very hard. So, after the trip ended we went in LA on our own. We booked a hotel through friends and little did we know where it was…when you hear “East Hollywood”, you expect something, let’s say, fancy. We saw nothing like that. As we got off the subway, we saw how a police car stops and the police men entered a McDonald’s with very big guns. I know that my heart skipped a beat. The hotel was awful, but we managed to stay a night and a half there.


The walk of fame was as I remembered it – dirty and shabby. It was nothing as my friends expected. I’ve been there before, so I myself was prepared for this disappointment. It is called “Hollywood Walk of Fame”, but for us it was just “Hollywood Walk of Shame”. At least, we had a nice walk and made some pictures. Then we walked through a bad neighborhood and I felt really sad about all the homeless people who were sleeping there. It’s a shame that among all of the shiny and glamorous bars and restaurants, people were sleeping on the ground and had nothing to eat.

20150927_233805 20150927_235810 20150928_000317 20150928_00051120150928_000345 20150928_00081320150928_000241 20150928_000807

20150927_233859 20150927_234001 20150927_234147

20150927_232405 20150928_001201 20150927_233130

20150928_000456 20150927_234444 20150927_235059

20150927_234822 20150927_235750 20150928_000406

20150928_000656 20150928_000726 20150928_000103

20150928_000848 20150928_000855 20150928_00090920150927_233733 20150927_233214 20150927_234725 20150927_23473320150927_235730 20150928_000003      20150928_081332 20150928_081546

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