Santa Barbara and Its Dreamy Beach

Whatever I say about Santa Barbara will not be enough! Sure, I had just 30-40 minutes to spend there, because our trip was with a very tight and ridiculous schedule, but still!. The tour guide gave us just 30-40 minutes for Santa Barbara, roughly 50 minutes for Grand Canyon and less than an hour in Solvang, but we had the whole time of the world to spend on a Chinese buffet. And some of us don’t eat Chinese food. I thought that was stupid, because I was on the trip to visit places, not restaurants. And also, I felt it was very discriminating to stop for a Chinese lunch, in a place where there is only Asian cuisine. However, we managed to survive and to find grocery stores, so we can eat something.



But, let’s go back to Santa Barbara. The town was like taken out of a fancy fairy tale. The vibe was just amazing. And the beach…oh, the beach….was so dreamy. Fine yellow sand, still blue water, tall palm trees that were dancing from the light breeze and the sun, softly touching our cheeks. We all knew this was paradise. If only, we could see the sunset there…maybe another time, maybe in another dream.

20150924_221813 20150924_221519 20150924_222022 20150924_221702   20150924_221507 20150924_221439 20150924_221436 20150924_221044 20150924_221047 20150924_221249  20150925_121342 20150925_12123320150925_121318 20150925_122621

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