Cape May – Paradise

After I spent 3 months in Wildwood, I thought all of the towns along the New Jersey coast looked alike. Yes, Atlantic City was different, than I expected, but in a good way. However, I didn’t think that somewhere close to the town, I was living at that moment, was hidden a small paradise. Cape May was something unexpected, but beautiful.


As soon as I got off the bus I was overwhelmed. There was a small park near the bus station where you can rest. The supermarket across the street looked like a supermarket from the 80’s. The atmosphere around was somehow medieval. We wanted to go to the beach and to walk around town for a while.

20150707_215316 20150708_011833

The main street was outstanding. The buildings were small and lovely. The street was closed for cars and the pavement was cleverly painted in bright red. Small trees and nice fountains made the whole picture magical. Of course, I stopped for some ice-cream in my beloved Ben & Jerry’s.  Then, we tried to find the perfect magnets and gifts. Only when we finished exploring the enchanting town, we headed to the beach.

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The beach was nice and big. It was nothing like the beach in Wildwood. This one wasn’t free, but it was totally worth the 6$. The sand was fine and yellow. The waves were bigger than I expected, but the water wasn’t cold. As I was lying on my beach towel, breathing the heavy July air, I looked around and felt good. The sun was high in the sky and a small breeze was trying to cool us, unsuccessfully.

20150707_222835 20150707_222837  20150707_231616 20150707_231710 20150707_231737 20150707_231740 20150707_231758 20150707_231934 20150707_231948

Of course, I good day is not perfect for me without a glass of beer. We put our clothes on and found a cozy bar near the beach. There was live music and all of the windows and doors were open. We got some beers, some homemade chips with cream cheese dip and listened to the nice music. With every breath of air coming from outside, with every sip of cold beer, and with every tone from the guitar, I felt more and more relaxed. I will always remember Cape May – a little paradise at the end of the long Jersey shore.

20150708_003157 20150708_003244 20150708_004026 20150707_21540820150708_011819 20150708_011847 20150708_011939

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    1. Mons says:

      Yes it is! I fell in love with it!

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