My 2015 In Pictures And A Few Words

My 2015 was great and in the same time not so great. I had my bad days, but I tried to keep my smile always on my face. Nevertheless, my good days were more than the bad ones, so at the end of the year I try to remember only the good. So, without further ado, here is my 2015 in pictures.


A lovely day in Paris, France back in May, 2015 – Paris – Third Time Is A Charm


Los Angeles, CA, USA in September, 2015 – Los Angeles and Its Magnificence


Santa Barbara, CA, USA in September, 2015 – Santa Barbara and Its Dreamy Beach


Cape May, NJ, USA in June, 2015 – Cape May – Paradise


Atlantic City, NJ, USA in July, 2015 – What Happens In Atlantic City


Wildwoods, NJ, USA during the summer – Wildwood, NJ – My Home For The Summer


Stara Zagora, Bulgaria in April, 2015 – Stara Zagora And Its Enchanting Zoo


Yosemite National Park, USA in September, 2015 – Yosemite National Park


Berlin, Germany in October, 2015 – Herzlich Willkommen In Berlin


Potsdam, Germany in October, 2015 – Potsdam And Its Mesmerizing Palace


Cape May County Zoo, NJ, USA in June, 2015


Hoover Dam, Nevada, USA in September, 2015


Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA in September, 2015

Check my post about my first time there here – The Grand Canyon


Las Vegas, Nevada, USA in September, 2015 – Viva Las Vegas

Don’t forget to stop by my previous post about my first visit there – Las Vegas


New York, NY, USA in September, 2015

As you might see, I love revisiting amazing places. NYC is without a doubt one of my true loves. Check my posts, about my other times there : New York And Its Fascinating Skyline ; In New York with no moneyNew York City – Madame Tussauds Wax MuseumNew York City – The American Museum of Natural HistoryMy first date with New York City (part 2)My first date with New York City (part 1)Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of…Central Park – My true love .


Philadelphia, PA, USA in July, 2015


San Diego, CA, USA in September, 2015 – A peaceful day in San Diego


San Francisco, CA, USA in September, 2015 – I Left My Heart In San Francisco

My first ever post on this blog was about Golden Gate Bridge – Golden Gate Bridge – A dream that came true


Solvang, CA, USA in September, 2015 – Solvang – The European City Lost in The Heart of California


Washington DC, USA in August, 2015

This is my year of travels, here is my year of cooking.

Chocolate Cupcakes – The Ultimate Sin For Chocoholics

Cocoa Fudge With Nuts

It’s Not Just a Pie…It’s a Raspberry Pie

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


As to my year of making stuff… Just some decoupage – Me In The World Of Decoupage


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