I Left My Heart In San Francisco

I wanted to share with you my amazing days in this lovely city for quite some time now. Finally, I have some time to do it. My first visit in San Francisco was back in 2013, but I was fortunate enough to visit it again in 2015.

copy IMG_1935copy IMG_213820150926_161026

My goal during the time I spent in the US in 2013 was to see the Golden Gate Bridge. I worked really hard all summer and my mind was always there. I was picturing how it would look like, how it would feel like, and I was anxious to go there. At the end of September I was on a plane to the city. Of course, my fear of flying was still there sitting next to me, but the thought that I will soon see the red miracle bridge was making the flight bearable. We arrived late at night, so we were ready for some sleep. We slept in Concord, which is an amazing town btw, as well as Walnut Creek.

Next morning, we had some pancakes and coffee, and we were ready to go. Our first stop was Golden Gate Bridge. We parked the car nearby and started walking. With every step I took I could see the bridge more and more clearly. I couldn’t believe that I was standing right there, right now. But, you can read more about my experience here – Golden Gate Bridge – A dream that came true . In 2015 I got to see it again. At first the spectacular bridge was shy, hiding behind the morning fog above the water. Soon enough, the view was clear and it was standing as glamorous as I remembered it.

copyIMG_2028 20150926_095646 copy IMG_2171 copy IMG_2126 Copy of IMG_2038


But let’s go back to 2013. We continued our tour to a small peak nearby, where the view was breathtaking – View from the top .

copy IMG_2190 copy IMG_2183

Then our tour led us to the famous Victorian houses. We were overlooking them from a green meadow, guarded by big trees. The houses were painted in beautiful light colours and their architecture could bring you back in time. Behind them was the future – the modern San Francisco with its taller buildings.

copyIMG_2113 copy IMG_2115

Of course, we had time to go to Coit Tower and allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by the view of the city. I kind of loved the steep streets of the city. Each one of them would give you a different experience, with a brand new view and a great feeling.

copy IMG_1999 copy IMG_2000 copy IMG_2005 copyIMG_2017copy IMG_2010 copyIMG_2006

Afterwards, we went to see the sea lions on Pier 39. They were so funny. Just lying there, appreciating life at its fullest. Not caring about anything else, but themselves. The laziness was infectious. The Pier 39 itself was a nice place, with great pubs, restaurants and shops. Also, Alcatraz can also be seen from there.

copy IMG_2149 copy IMG_2040

Lastly, we went to see Lombard Street. We actually drove the car there and made a video. It was a great experience. For 2013 this was completely enough. However, in 2015 I got to visit the Palace of Fine Arts. The weather was wonderful and we walked around just enjoying our time there.

copy IMG_1976 copy 20150925_202724copy IMG_198920150925_203126  20150925_203323 20150925_203307 20150926_103406

After I finally got myself on one of the cable cars and saw the city from a different angle, I am quite sure that I left my heart in San Francisco.

copyIMG_5731 copyIMG_2006copy IMG_2159

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