A peaceful day in San Diego


We caught the bus from LA early in the morning and a few hours later we arrived in San Diego. It was a sunny day and we already knew we will have a good time.


I had made a list we things to see in San Diego, but we had no car and were on a budget, so we didn’t see all of them. Instead, we decided to walk around, have a lunch, buy some souvenirs and then relax somewhere. It turns out that was a great idea.

20150927_221718 20150927_224820 20150927_231945 20150927_232456 20150927_232928

We were already so tired from the previous days that we spent on a bus tour and just wanted to have some rest. To be honest we loved San Diego. The city wasn’t crowded and that was a big plus for us. We walked around the streets trying to remember every little thing. After we got hungry we stopped at Panera Bread for some delicious chicken noodle soup in a bowl of bread. It was totally worth it.


Then we made our way through some narrow streets and found ourselves near the water. The sun was high and it was hot, but the soft breeze that was coming from the water was refreshing. The views we got to see were breathtaking. After that we sat in a bar and drunk some beer enjoy the end of the perfect day and our vacation.

20150927_232932 20150927_233006 20150927_233020 20150927_23332720150927_233049 20150927_233747 20150928_141311 20150927_234100 20150927_234246 20150927_234542 20150927_234724 20150927_235521 20150927_235528 20150927_235543  20150928_000819 20150928_00112420150928_142043

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