Viva Las Vegas

So, this year I had the chance to go back to the famous Sin City. I had two nights there and was ready to have some fun. After the long summer that was filled with lots of work, I was ready to make the most of my vacation. We were staying in the Circus Circus hotel, which was neither bad, nor very good place to stay. What I mean is that the maid was smoking in my room while cleaning it, which was appalling given the fact that there was a “No Smoking” sign in the room. The hotel is like a giant labyrinth and after a nice afternoon at the pool, it took me 30 minutes to find the way to my room.

20150922_042706 20150922_055124 20150922_055141

Getting out of the hotel was good. I knew where everything was, so this time I was going to relax and just enjoy my stay in Vegas. We had a nice dinner at the Venetian. We could watch the volcano show from across the street, which was amazing. After that we took a tour around the hotel. The hotel itself was gorgeous. It has long hallways with beautiful carpets, high ceilings with astonishing chandeliers. And the pool on one of the roofs was just the tip of the iceberg. But, what I loved the most was the inside where the ceiling is like a sky and there is an actual water channel with gondolas. I’ve never been in Venice, but I can imagine it is amazing there.

20150922_201112 20150922_075740 20150922_21325320150922_075201 20150922_201705  20150922_213532 20150922_201839 20150922_212259 20150922_213209   20150922_215511 20150922_22052920150922_201717

Of course, we couldn’t miss the fountains of Bellagio’s. The music, the water, the vibe…mesmerizing. But, what is Las Vegas without some gambling? We played and we won. Then we played again and we lost. At least we had a great time.

20150922_222112 20150923_004630 20150923_204321 20150923_214243 20150923_22063420150923_004457

The next day we ordered some food in the hotel and got ready to go out for some drinks. We went in a bar in Encore or Wynn, I don’t know, but they are both great. The service was good and the atmosphere was nice. I certainly would go back for another beer.

20150923_01120420150923_203808 20150923_203813 20150923_220626 20150923_06385420150923_214322

The next day we had to leave. We made one stop before that at a chocolate factory, where we saw how the chocolate is being made and tasted some delicious samples. Outside we took a walk in a cactus garden. Do I love Las Vegas? Well, it’s not like New York or San Francisco, but it’s on my list.

20150923_203618 20150923_204018 20150923_204029 20150924_103920 20150923_203558 20150924_104340 20150924_104452

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Timbo says:

    Fab photos.. Love Vegas.

    1. Mons says:

      thanks! love it too

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