Top 5 Cities In Russia I Would Love To Visit

Russia is a big, big country as you know. It has a lot to offer and I would love to visit it one day. So, if I actually do, here is my list of top 5 cities in Russia that I would love to visit.

1. Sankt Petersburg 

Sankt Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia and has been  a dream of mine for quite a while. Actually, my best friend talked about it so much, that I felt eager to go there as well. Hopefully, one day, we will both go there, may be together. 

sankt_petersburg_iperf1 suburbs-of-st-petersburgbig_b772df763458e65ddca937317e2149b4

2. Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad was always in my list. I find it beautiful and different. I think its location influenced the way its architecture has changed.

Kaliningrad_the_Cathedral Калининград 3kaliningrad_1

3. Khabarovsk

To be honest, up until this summer I had no idea that Khabarovsk existed. But, during the summer I worked with three Russian girls and they were from this city. I got a little curious about it so I googled it and found out it is kind of beautiful. Now its on my list. Not only I will see a new city, but I will also visit some of my new friends.

0_2b4dd_82e877bf_XL 1307979791_2_1 khabarovsk_fountains

4. Vladivosotok

Vladivostok, which can be translated as “ruler of the East” is located in the far East of the country. It is actually not that far from Khabarovsk, so if I go there I would make a trip to both of them, because they are as far away from Bulgaria as is New York.

Center_of_Vladivostok_and_Zolotoy_Rog moscow-to-vladivostok-trans-siberian-railway-fixed-departures_4_vladivostok vladivostok_city-tour_kremlin

5. Moscow

To be honest, to go to Russia without making a stop in Moscow would be a sin. The city and capital of the country is big and can offer something for everybody. If I found myself there I would certainly see the Red Square, Moscow Kremlin, Alexander Garden and of course Bolshoi Theatre.


4 - Moscow-Kremlin-Russia State-History-Museum-Red-Square-Moscow_cs

Have you ever been in any of these cities? Can you recommend other cities in Russia that are worth a visit? Please share in the comments below.

None of the pictures in this post are mine. All of them are taken from Google. I don’t own the exclusive rights for any of these pictures!



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