A Trip To The Past In Hereford Lighthouse

Hereford Lighthouse is an old lighthouse in North Wildwood, NJ. This summer while I was working in Wildwood, I heard that there is something very interesting there that is worth the visit. So, one day after my first job, I decided to see what it is.

20150709_20564020150709_205555 20150709_205714

20150709_205838  20150709_211812 20150709_205539

The lighthouse is very small, considering my experience with bigger lighthouses, e.g. the one in Montauk. Although it is not as tall on the outside, it is full of history on the inside. The old lady that was working there was very kind. She told us a little bit about the building itself. Then we watched a short movie about it. Of course, we climbed to the top of the lighthouse and we were overwhelmed.

20150709_210529 20150709_210539 20150709_210621 20150709_210649

On the way down we stopped in every room and investigate all of the old furniture and stuff. I personally loved all of the old clocks. My bf hated the dolls in one of the rooms, because they were, as he said, “creepy as hell”. The whole building was decorated with beautiful paintings. But, what fascinated me the most was a miniature model, showing the lighthouses in the area and how high is each one of them.

20150709_210200 20150709_210333 20150709_211106 20150709_21044220150709_211031 20150709_211112

Before we left, I bought a magnet and we went to see the garden behind the building. I felt like I am in one of my favourite books – The Secret Garden – except, I wasn’t reading it, I was living in it. All of the beautiful flowers, the singing birds, comfortable benches and great views made this small gem so enchanting. To be honest, I was impressed!

20150709_211710 20150709_211714 20150709_211808 20150709_211857 20150709_21231320150709_212117 20150709_212125 20150709_212206 20150709_21221620150709_212143

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