Potsdam And Its Mesmerizing Palace


During my stay in Berlin, me and my friends decided to take a day trip to the nearby town of Potsdam. The town itself was small. I really liked the paved narrow streets and the old facades of the buildings. I felt like it was at least a hundred years ago and I was living in a fairytale. The windows of the shops on the main street were pretty and decorated for Christmas. It was the end of October, but shop owners were eager to start the holidays’ sales. The main street was filled with smells of freshly baked goods and tasty sweets.  

We had lunch in a fine and cozy Italian restaurant. Of course, the drink of our choice was beer. Going to Germany without having a beer is like going to Italy without eating pasta. I had the most delicious tomato soup ever! To be honest I am still struggling with making this soup. I feel a little disappointed, because mine doesn’t taste even closely as good as the one I had there.


The Sanssouci Palace was mesmerizing. We got off the bus somewhere behind the building itself and had the chance to take a few photos of a picturesque windmill. The colours of the fallen autumn leaves were the perfect background of every photo. The palace was so beautiful. The sky was blue with just a few clouds, and was complementing the colours of the Palace’s facade. At the end of the grand staircase we found a pond. Red and gold-fish were swimming calmly and their colouration reminded me of the autumn that was quietly surrounding us.

DSC02888 DSC02890 DSC02897 DSC02898 DSC02909DSC02908 DSC02911 DSC02912 DSC02924DSC02926

Everything in the garden was cut perfectly. From time to time I felt like I was in a labyrinth. We saw another interesting building at the end of one path and decided it was close enough to walk to it. Little did we know that the tall trees along the narrow path were making an optical illusion. It was a long walk, but we didn’t give up.

DSC02930 DSC02942DSC02943DSC02940DSC02946DSC02949DSC02931 DSC02936

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  1. It is a lovely town. I enjoyed it 10 years ago. Also historically significant. Heads of Great Britain, Soviet Union and US met there to negotiate terms ending World War II. Very relaxing town to visit now.

    1. Mons says:

      Yes, it was lovely. I am thinking about a trip in the spring or early summer there.

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